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   Chapter 247 Revenge

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At noon, Louisa rushed to Susie's home. Susie looked spread and didn't look nervous at all.

Heaving a sigh of worry, Louisa dragged Susie to the couch and settled her on it, looking at her with a serious look.

"Why are you still so calm? You have offended Michelle. Aren't you worried at all?" Thinking of what her colleagues said in the lounge this morning, Louisa couldn't help but worry about Susie.

Michelle was so narrow-minded that she was easily to bear grudges. If Susie insulted her in front of employees, Michelle would definitely not let it go. According to Michelle's character, she would definitely take a revenge.

"When I saw you in a hurry, I thought it was something important. It turns out to be about this!" Susie thought before that Louisa must have come across some difficulties, but now she realized that Louisa was going to say something about she insulted Michelle. It seemed that Susie didn't care about it at all.

Thinking of the two days ago when Michelle was speechless by her, Susie was very happy. Michelle used to bully Louisa in that way. It was just that time was too tight on that day. Otherwise, Susie would surely teach Michelle a lesson.

The careless character of Susie made Louisa feel a little headache. Now that Susie had made a mistake, she was so happy to laugh out. Louisa really admired her.

"Susie, you got yourself in big trouble. You offended Michelle on the spot. She will definitely find a way to revenge you for this." Looking a little nervous, Louisa said seriously again.

Louisa had been framed by Michelle for many times. She knew how sinister Michelle was, so she didn't want to make Susie next target.

If this time Susie offended Michelle for her sake, Louisa was really worried about Susie. Louisa knew what kind of person Michelle was, so she didn't know what Michelle would do next.

"Come on, it is just a Michelle. Don't make a fuss. I'm somebody. I won't let her bully me. Don't worry about me." Giving Louisa a soothing hug, Susie said impatiently.

As far as Susie knew, Louisa was so kind that she was bullied every time. But she was different. She was a person who took revenge. If Michelle wanted to revenge her, she would definitely not sit still.

Seeing that Susie didn't take her words seriously, Louisa could only be anxious in her heart, but there was nothing she could do. She could only keep a close watch on Michelle and prevent her from doing anything harmful to Susie.

In a noisy bar, Michelle was drinking alone in a corner. Looking at a man and a woman shaking their bodies on the dancing floor, she showed a hint of coldness in her beautiful eyes.

A short while later, a tall and slender figure stood in front of Michelle. The beautiful eyes slightly narrowed, and his beautiful dashing eyebrows wrinkled impatiently.

Ken looked around, not knowing why he was feeling annoyed. He used to be a frequent visitor here, but now he began to hate this place.

"Why did you ask me to come here at this late hour?" Sitting opposite to Michelle, Ken said somewhat impatiently.

He was very impatient with the fact that Michelle found him again and again. If it wasn't for her help that he could go back to the company

was wearing a noble dress, showing her perfect figure. Her long curly hair was gracefully coiled up with a crown on the top, making her look like a noble Queen.

Louisa was amazed by how beautiful her friend looked. She always wore casual clothes at home, which didn't show her perfect figure at all.

Meanwhile, looking at Susie who was restlessly filming, Ken also had a flash of amazement in his eyes. Today Susie was completely different from the day when they met. Although he was not denied that Susie was beautiful, but she gave off a noble aura after careful dressing.

Susie didn't know how long she had been taking photos. The photographer asked a makeup artist to fix her make-up. After shooting in high heels for a while, Susie then took a break.

As soon as she got off the stage, she resumed her carefree manner, sat directly in her chair without caring about her personal image, and yelled at Louisa, "I'm tired.".

"Louisa, I'm so tired. I wear high heels every day to shoot. My feet are killing me." Susie took off her high heels and complained.

Susie liked to be leisure and comfortable. It was a torment for her to wear high heels for shooting. But she liked to be in the camera, so every time she just complained a few words.

"Well, you have to pay attention to your image. You are a public figure now, so you can't let others see such an indecent video. Besides, our director is still here! ." Louisa handed a bottle of water to Susie and couldn't help remind her.

It was nSusie now that remembered that Ken was still here. Thinking of that, she could not help but feel a bit annoyed. In a hurry, she turned her head back to have a look at the scene in front of her, fearing that Ken would see how she looked just now.

Susie's eyes happened to meet Ken's. At the moment, he was looking at her with a smile, and his deep eyes were full of great interest. Louisa's friend was also very special, not like other actresses who were full of affectation.

Susie turned around with embarrassment, and her face immediately turned red. She even regretted what she had just done, which seemed to have been seen by Ken.

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