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   Chapter 246 A Disgrace

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Susie's frankness surprised Bruce. He thought she would make a lot of unreasonable requests, but unexpectedly she signed the contract without saying anything.

"You signed the contract without even looking at it. Aren't you afraid that there will be unfair conditions to you?" Looking up at Susie, Bruce asked with doubts in his heart.

After hearing Bruce's question, Susie sat right across from him in causal. Not like a celebrity at all. If she was not in public. She wanted to be herself.

"Louisa shown this contract to me. What else do you want to see?" Susie pointed at Louisa behind her.

Although Susie's tone was calm, it could easily make people feel that she had full trust in Louisa. Hearing that, Louisa was very moved.

Susie trusted Louisa so much. Many stars signed contracts indicating unfair terms would be angry, but Susie had never read them.

"Why do you trust her so much? Aren't you afraid that she would set you up with me?" Bruce was also surprised at Susie's answer and couldn't help asking again.

Susie was totally different from what he had imagined. He originally thought that she just wanted to make herself famous by taking advantage of the advantage of Louisa. He didn't expect Susie to be a righteous person.

As for this question, Louisa was also eager to know the answer. She wanted to know how much Susie thought of her in Susie's heart.

"Louisa is my best friend. If I don't trust her, then who else can I trust? She won't hurt me. We are best friends." Susie was quite confident about Louisa.

Susie knew what kind of person Louisa was. In her heart, Louisa treated her as her best friend and considered everything for her. Even if she cooperated with Bruce, Louisa would seek the best interests for her.

After hearing Susie's explanation, Louisa was moved. Indeed, Susie was very important to her.

"I'm happy for Louisa to have a good friend like you." Because of what Susie said, Bruce liked her more.

After signing the contract, Louisa showed Susie around the company. Because of what Susie said just now, they had a closer relationship.

Wandering around the company, the two had a lot of fun. But because of many employees, they were relatively restrained.

They inadvertently passed by Ken's office. They had planned to go straight to it, but unexpectedly, the door was opened.

Ken, with a stack of documents in his hands, was shocked when they suddenly appeared in front of him, but he quickly regained his composure.

"Why are you here?" Ken asked flatly after clearing his throat.

He looked at Louisa gently. They hadn't talked to each other for days.

Ken's eyes fell on Louisa, yet he didn't notice that someone was staring at him. When Susie saw Ken for the first time, she had a feeling that her heart beat faster. She had never had such feelings before.

Ken was tall and straight, with dark brown smooth hair and fragmented bangs floating in front of his forehead, a tall nose, sexy thin lips, and a pair of beau

" One of them broke the silence and started gossiping.

When Louisa heard her colleagues mention Michelle, she couldn't help but frown. Michelle hadn't done anything for a long time. Louisa had thought that she had given up, but Louisa didn't expect that Michelle was still thinking about how to badger Bruce.

"Exactly. This woman is always contradictory and arrogant. She doesn't take us seriously at all. Now it's good that someone taught her a lesson. She doesn't need to be arrogant all the time." At this time, another female colleague echoed.

Every one in Mu's Group hated the arrogant look on Michelle's face. In others' eyes, she was just depended on she was the daughter of Lin Group. If not for this reason, no one would buy it.

Thinking of the fact that a colleague said Susie had given a lesson to Michelle just now, Louisa couldn't help but worry about Susie. Michelle would definitely get back at Susie as long as there were flaws in her personality.

Susie was now in the most important stage of her career. If Michelle did something wrong at this time, it might ruin Susie's life. The more Louisa thought, the more scared she became. Louisa went back to her desk immediately.

Then she took out her phone and dialed again. She was determined to tell Susie about it and reminded her to be careful of the woman named Michelle.

The phone was put through, and there came the lazy voice of Susie. She hadn't got up yet. It was already noon, but Susie hadn't got rid of her old habit.

"Susie, I have something to tell you. I will go to see you at noon. Wait for me at home." Louisa didn't explain it clearly on the phone.

According to Susie's character, Louisa wouldn't have mentioned this on the phone and she must face to face to tell Susie about this or Susie wouldn't take it seriously.

Susie didn't understand why Louisa was in such a hurry, but she still agreed. Louisa always made a fuss recently. Susie was used to it, so she was not curious about what it was.

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