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   Chapter 244 A Meeting Between Best Friends

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When Louisa arrived at Susie's new home, she curiously looked at Susie's new home, full of admiration.

"But you didn't tell me your new home. That's not friendly!" Looking around Susie's new home, Louisa said in a little annoyed.

Louisa and Susie were best friends, and they used to share everything with each other. But this time, Susie hadn't been informed of her friend's great news. Louisa was disappointed.

In the past, no matter what happened to Susie, Susie would tell her immediately. But this time, Louisa didn't get any information, which made Louisa feel disappointed.

Looking at the sorrow in Louisa's eyes, Susie couldn't help laughing. Why was Louisa so sad? She just didn't tell her that she moved.

"It's not that I don't want to tell you, but recently you have been busy dealing with the relationship between you and Bruce, how could I have the chance to tell you. I didn't tell you because I didn't want to disturb you. " Susie patted Louisa's shoulder to comfort her.

Some time ago, Susie was told that there were many conflicts between Louisa and Bruce. Susie was going to tell Louisa that she had moved, but she was afraid to disturb Louisa, so Louisa didn't know that she had moved until today.

Hearing that, Louisa felt much better. She knew that Susie didn't come to bother her because Susie was concerned about her.

"That's more like it. But remember to tell me if you have anything. We are best friends." Although Louisa knew the reason why Susie did that was not to divert her attention, Louisa still felt a little dissatisfied.

"Okay, I'll let you know at the first time if I have any problem in the future, okay?" Susie replied with a smile. Then something occurred to her, so she asked again, "by the way, you just called me and said you wanted to see me. What's up?"

Suddenly she remembered that Louisa did get a good news to tell her on the phone just now. Susie was very excited and looked forward to what Louisa would say next.

But in Susie's mind, the good news Louisa said was nothing but that she had a closer relationship with Bruce. Apart from that, Susie couldn't think of any other good news.

It was not until then that Louisa remembered the reason why she came here. On the contrary, it was because of her that Bruce chose Susie this time. Louisa felt so happy that a smile appeared on her face.

"By the way, I have a good news for you and it is a great news for you." Louisa didn't tell Susie the good news that she brought to her. With interest, Louisa looked at her and aroused her interest on purpose.

She knew Susie was impetuous, so Susie couldn't bear her equivocation. But at the thought of the good news that she heard from Bruce, she got excited, and her mood became better and better.

Seeing that Louisa still did not get down to the business, Susie became a little anxious. She did not know what the good news that Louisa said was about her.

"What the good news is? Just tell me quickly. Don't always beat around the bush here. I'm so eager to know!" It took Louisa a long time to get down to business, so Susie got impatient.

Susie. He waited until he got off work, but she didn't come back. He thought that she had already gone home, but when he returned home, she was even not at home.

He had been sitting in the living room for three hours after he came back. It was late at night. Bruce was very dissatisfied with Louisa.

"It's the first time Susie has received such a big corporation. As her good friend, of course I should stay to celebrate with her." Bruce's anger did not affect her mood at all. At this moment, Louisa was still happy in her heart.

But her attitude made Bruce more unhappy. She was busy celebrating with her good friend and forgot about him.

His face turned gloomy. He didn't want to talk to Louisa. His heart was filled with disappointment. Louisa hadn't come back for such a long time and she even didn't notice him.

"By the way, why are you still up at this late hour?" Seeming to feel the displeasure of Bruce, Louisa no longer talked about the celebration and quickly shifted the topic.

"Nothing. I was working on some files in the study room. I'm coming out to relax." Bruce was a little guilty when he· said this. He dared not to look at Louisa.

Bruce would not tell Louisa that he was still up so late, because he was waiting for her. He was afraid that she would meet dangerous outside.

She nodded. Instead of telling his lie, she chose to believe him.

"It's late. Let's go to bed. We still have to work tomorrow!" Rubbing her neck, Louisa felt a little tired. Before she could finish her sentence, she had walked towards her bedroom.

Bruce wanted to say something, but seeing that Louisa had already walked into the room, he could only swallow the words he had wanted to say and looked at the door with a little depressed.

In fact, Bruce was not really angry just now. He was just worried about her. But on second thought, it was true that she was with her friend. If Susie was her good friend, it was impossible for Susie to do anything harmful to her. So he felt relieved.

Bruce shrugged his shoulders and walked towards his bedroom.

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