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   Chapter 243 Ask Her To Stay

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9749

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It was not until Frank came in front of her that Ella asked in disbelief, "Frank, it's really you! You are really here!"

Her face was full of surprise, and her eyes were filled with tears. He had really come to find her. Ella was happy that he had came to asked back.

Frank felt a sudden heartache when he saw the surprised look and tears on Ella's face. He had ignored her emotion deliberately and kept a distance from her thousands of miles away from him. He had never looked at her eyes carefully.

"Don't leave, Ella. Stay, okay?" Said Frank in a somewhat excited voice, with Ella in his arms.

The moment he rushed into the airport, he really felt scared. He was afraid that Ella had really left and would never come back.

It was not until that moment that Frank realized his feelings for her. He had already fallen in love with her. For such a long time, it was just that he had been suppressing his feelings for her in the bottom of his heart.

Frank's affectionate words made Ella feel more unbelievable. She had a feeling that she was dreaming. Only in the dream could he care about her so much.

"Frank, what did you just say? You don't want me to leave?" With uncertainty, she asked him again. Her heart was pounding, and she was afraid that he would suddenly change his mind.

Frank felt a pang in his heart when he felt the worry of Ella. He didn't know how many harsh words he had said to her before could make her have no confidence in him.

"Ella, I don't know until today that you have already occupied a very important position in my heart. I want you to stay, just stay by my side." Once again, Frank spoke his mind earnestly, and his eyes were filled with tenderness.

On the way he came here, he realized that Ella had already been a root in his heart. If he let her go in this way, he would regret for the rest of his life not seeing her again.

Hearing Frank say what she wanted to hear again, Ella couldn't help but be touched and threw herself into his arms.

"Okay, I promise you. I won't leave if you ask me to stay here." All she did was for this promise. Now she finally got the answer she wanted.

Seeing them hugging each other tightly, Louisa's heart was full of wishes for them and she was also moved.

Louisa held Bruce's hands tightly, as if trying to express her gratitude. On the contrary, Bruce kept calm all the time, even if he saw Frank and Ella really be together, his face did not change much.

Although Frank's reaction was somewhat unexpected to Bruce, but it was deliberately designed for Ella to leave. Sooner or later, it would not be concealed from him. At that time, she and Ella would certainly be troubled.

"AElla, Congratulations! You've got what you want. You're with Frank now!" Seeing that the two person had hugged for a long time and did not want to let go, and many people around them looked at them at the same time, Louisa could

t her head on his shoulder.

Bruce smiled too when he saw that Louisa was so close to him. He looked at her with his eyes full of tenderness. All he had done for her was just a small thing. Compared with all the hardships she had suffered in the past, it was still far from enough.

"Don't be silly. We are a couple now. It's my pleasure to help you." Looking at Louisa who was deeply moved, Bruce was also moved.

They didn't know how long they had hugged each other before letting go of each other. Bruce gently looked at Louisa and said, "Louisa, I'll leave it to you to deal with it."

Bruce knew that Louisa had been busy with her work recently and hadn't seen her best friend for a long time. It was a good chance for them to catch up on each other.

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa was very happy. They hadn't seen each other for a long time, so she was very happy.

"Okay, leave those things to me. Do you want me to deal with it now?" Louisa couldn't wait to see her best friend.

Bruce smiled and nodded to show his agreement. He knew what Louisa was thinking about, but before he could speak, she had already left the CEO's office quickly. She could not wait to tell the good news to Susie.

Then Louisa called Susie. With an expectant look on her face, harrow asked, "Hi, Susie, how are you doing recently?"

There was a pleasing smile on Louisa's face. It had been a long time since they last met. She wondered if she missed her.

"You remember me? I thought you forgot me. Why do you call me today? Is there something wrong?" Upon receiving the call with little sorrow, Susie complained in a jealous tone.

They haven't contacted with each other since Louisa got married. She wanted to take the initiative to call Louisa but was afraid of disturbing her life, so Louisa called her suddenly. Susie was totally dissatisfied with Louisa's sudden call. Susie couldn't help satirizing her. Now she was even pouting.

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