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   Chapter 242 Airport Farewell

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10048

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It was another busy day. Back home, Louisa cooked a hearty dinner, because she was going to celebrate that she had come up with such a good idea to help Ella.

After Bruce rushed out of the study room, he was surprised and curious to see the delicious dishes on the table. He didn't know since when she had become so considerate and cooked so many delicious dishes for him and his baby son.

"Louisa, you have prepared a lot of food for us tonight. Do you want to improve my life just because I work too hard recently?" Sitting at the dinner table, Bruce looked at Louisa with a big smile on his face.

Although they had a good life, Bruce was in a very good mood. He could tell that this meal was carefully prepared by Louisa.

Since Louisa was in a good mood, she didn't stop humming while cooking, with a smile on her face. She believed that her plan would be successful.

Because she had seen clearly the hidden emotion in Frank's eyes when he looked at Ella before. Louisa knew that Frank must have feelings for Ella.

"Bruce, I have a good news for you." After Louisa put the last dish on the table, she looked at Bruce and said excitedly.

Looking at the excitement in Yolande's eyes, Bruce also showed interest. He hadn't seen her so happy for a long time. He didn't know what good news made her so happy.

Bruce sat straight and turned to look at Louisa. "What good news? Tell me," he said seriously

Bruce looked at Louisa with a little interest and wondered what the good news was.

Successfully arousing Bruce's interest, Louisa gave him a lift, didn't reply immediately.

Louisa naughtily winked at Bruce and said, "thanks for your reminding today, I have come up with a good idea to know Frank liked Ella in his heart or not."

Thinking that her idea would be successful, Louisa showed a smug smile. She was the first time to admire herself so much that she was so smart to come up with such a good idea.

Hearing that Louisa was for the sake of Ella and Frank, Bruce's curiosity had been stifled, and he was not interested in other people's love life at all.

Louisa took a look at Bruce, and saw that his curiosity was totally disappeared. She looked at him morosely, "didn't you hear what I just said? Why don't you react at all?"

There were dissatisfaction and displeasure in her voice. She had tried so hard to come up with a good idea to share the news with him, but he was in such a way, which gave her a cold shoulder.

Looking at Louisa's discontent eyes, Bruce sighed helplessly and then said, "I have said that I don't want to get involved in their business, so I'm not interested in how you want to pair them."

The only two people Bruce cared about were Louisa and Bran. They were his family now, so he only cared about them.

Looking at the poker face of Bruce, Louisa's excitement was almost put out by him. But she still sat in his right place with great interest and said excitedly.

"No matter you are interested or not, you should listen to

k loved Ella in his heart, but Louisa couldn't understand why he didn't appear at this time.

"Ella, we still have some time. Why don't we wait a little longer?" Holding Ella's hand, Louisa was unwilling to give up.

Louisa didn't want to disappoint Ella. If Frank didn't show up, Ella would feel sad because of her.

Shaking her head gently, Ella said with a bitter smile, "no, Frank won't come. I should have realized that he doesn't love me at all. I shouldn't continue to force him."

If Frank had wanted to keep her, he would have come earlier. It was impossible for him to wait till now. Ella didn't want to wait any longer, because every second was a torture to her. Her heart ached for every second, and she felt that she could no longer hold on.

"When you arrive in America, remember to call me and tell me that you are safe. During this period, just take care of yourself and don't worry about these things. When you come back, be the happy Ella." After giving Ella a big hug, Louisa began to speak with a lump in her throat.

In fact, Louisa did not expect that things would turn out like this. She thought that things would be very smooth, but she did not expect that Frank was so ruthless. Ella had done so much for him, but now Ella had to leave but he even didn't show up.

After said goodbye to both Louisa and Bruce respectively, Ella walked towards the check-in counter. At this time, a person suddenly appeared in the lobby of the airport.

"Ella, wait!" His voice was full of urgency. Frank had been exhausted and panting all the way. Because of the traffic jam, he had been running all the way. On the way, he was worried that when he arrived, Ella had already left.

It was a voice that Ella was so familiar with that she couldn't believe it. After a short while, she looked back and saw Frank running towards her.

Looking at the man who was getting closer and closer to her, Ella was stunned. She couldn't believe that Frank had really appeared in front of her.

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