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   Chapter 239 Warning

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Though he was late for work, Bruce still stayed calm, as if he didn't care about being late at all.

Seeing that he was so clam, Louisa frowned her eyebrows and felt a little depressed. But then she remembered that Bruce was also the president of a big company, so no one dared to say anything about it even if he was late.

However, she was different. Although her colleagues had known that she had married Bruce, if she chose to be late for work too, it would inevitably cause gossip among her colleagues.

When Louisa could not wait for any longer Bruce got ready and drove her to the company.

The car steadily parked in the underground parking lot, and Louisa immediately wanted to get off. When the door opened, she seemed to think of something, and turned to look at him.

"Bruce, we are late for work now. Since you are the president of the company, my colleagues won't say anything. But I'm different from you. So we'd better go in one by one!" Louisa was worried that her colleagues might gossip about her.

Although their relationship was open and aboveboard, Louisa didn't want others to say that she relied on Bruce so she didn't care about the company rules.

Although Louisa was kind-hearted and didn't want Bruce to leave a bad impression on his colleagues, he was still very dissatisfied with her words.

"I know what you are worried about. But you can rest assured. The staff in the company will never say anything." Holding Louisa's hand, Bruce looked into her eyes and said earnestly.

Although he was strict with his work before, he changed his rules more than once since Louisa came.

Bruce's confirmation touched Louisa. But she was not such a selfish person. How could she destroy the image of Bruce in the hearts of his colleagues.

"Okay, I know you feel sorry about me, but don't destroy your principles for me, okay? You know what? In our colleague's eyes, you are always strict and domineering. I don't want you to make them feel uncomfortable about you because of me." Touched, Louisa looked at Bruce and said what she thought for him.

Just like Bruce, she didn't want his colleagues to gossip about him. He had to run Mu's Group, so he must have prestige.

"Well, I find that it's easier and easier for me to compromise to you now." Sighing helplessly, Bruce agreed to Louisa's request.

Bruce felt that it was getting more and more difficult for him to make up his mind. He didn't have the heart to refuse Louisa, no matter what she said. He didn't know what he would look like if he didn't change.

She smiled at Bruce gently and kissed him on the cheek. Then she quickly got off the car and walked towards the office building.

On her way to the company, many colleagues looked at her. They were surprised to find that Louisa had never been late for work.

Embarrassed, Louisa went back to her desk. She quickly sorted ou

aw Ella's tears.

It was going to rain, but Ella didn't move at all. That made Louisa even more worried. She didn't know what on earth Ella had suffered from Frank.

"Louisa, can you stay here with me for a while? I'm so sad." Hearing no response from Louisa, Ella hugged Louisa and cried.

Seeing that Ella was so sad, not knowing how to comfort her, not knowing what had happened to her last night.

After crying for a long time, Ella let Louisa go and her eyes had been red and swollen like half walnuts.

"What happened last night? Why are you so sad?" Seeing that Ella calm down a little, Louisa asked with concerned.

When they met a few days ago, she had promised herself that she would find Frank. But now only a few days later, she had changed so much. She worried a lot.

Hearing what Louisa asked, Ella felt sadder. Ella couldn't help but burst into tears again, which flowed down her fair face. She looked so delicate and touching that any man who saw her would feel sorry for her.

"Last night when I went to see Frank, I wanted to know if he loved me or not. So I prepared a candlelight dinner at his house. I wanted to give myself to him, but he refused me. He said he had no interest in me."

When Ella remembered that she had taken off all her clothes and stood in front of Frank last night, but he didn't have any reaction, and even calmly asked her to put on her clothes and leave, she was very upset.

Only when he didn't love a woman at all would he have no interest in her body at all. By now, it seemed that Frank had. no interest in her at all.

But Ella didn't know how impulsive Frank was when she stood in front of Frank yesterday when she was naked. How could he be indifferent to her perfect figure? He had used all his strength to control himself not to fall on her. The reason why he asked her to leave was that he was afraid that he couldn't control himself any longer.

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