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   Chapter 238 The Talk Between Father And Son

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9929

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Bruce was very upset about what happened with Louisa, so he didn't want to talk to Bran.

"Bran, I'm very tired today. Let's talk about it another day. I have to go back to my room now." Looking at Bran and said indifferent, Bruce walked towards his room.

Bran looked at Bruce who didn't want to talk more. His small face wrinkled into a bun, and his water miraculous eyes were filled with anger.

"I have to talk to you today. Did you bully my mother?" When Bran thought of the distressed look in Louisa's eyes, Bran's heart ached.

For the past six years, he and Louisa had been living together. So she was the most important person to him, and no one could compare with her.

Hearing Bran mention the name of "Louisa", Bruce stopped and turned around to look at Bran with his fine eyebrows frowned.

"Why did you ask that? What did your mother say to you? " Frowning and looking at Bran with some doubts, Bruce asked with a somewhat gloomy face.

In fact, Bruce and Louisa had a little conflicts in recent days, which was not related to the children. Now that Louisa still let the little boy question him, Bruce was a little angry.

"No, I just feel that the atmosphere between you two is a little strange, and mom looks very sad in the past two days. So I guess that you two must have had a quarrel." Hearing Bruce's question, Bran immediately explained for Louisa.

Louisa didn't allow him to ask Bruce. Bran waited for Bruce at this late time that was he ·didn't want Louisa know. Otherwise, she would be angry.

Looking at Bran's serious face, Bruce doubted the truth of what he said. He didn't know if Bran was concealing the truth for the sake of Louisa, or what Bran had just said was true.

"Really? Your mother didn't tell you this?" Bruce asked tentatively again. Bruce looked at Bran from head to toe, as if he wanted to see through him.

Bran was too smart to control by Bruce, so Bruce was not sure whether what Bran said was true or false.

"Of course it's true. You haven't answered my question yet. Did you bully my mother?" As soon as Bruce said that, Bran said again affirmatively, shifting the topic to the original one.

Bran glared at Bruce. In fact, he had already decided that if Bruce hadn't bullied Louisa, she wouldn't be so sad.

There was no trace of guilt on Bran's face. Bruce believed his words, but didn't intend to answer Bran.

"Bran, you are too young to know what's going on between me and your mother. It's none of your business." After calmly saying this, Bruce turned around and wanted to go back to his room.

Now because of his relationship with Louisa, Bruce was a little troubled. He did not want Bran to get involved in this matter. After all, he was just a child. Bruce did not want him to worry about them and feel uneasy.

However, even though Bruce wanted to protect Bran from being hurt, he didn't want Bran to be hurt again. But Bran didn't think so. Seeing how painful they were now, Bran

mbered how serious Bran looked last night. Bruce was afraid that they would leave him. The family he had established with great difficulty must never be dissolved for any reason.

"I feel happy for you, but you should feel sorry for me now. Look at the time. It's getting late for school. If I go to school late today, I'll be scolded." Bran said sullenly with a sad face.

Although it was a good thing that Bruce and Louisa were together, they didn't take him into account. Bran still needed to go to school today. They didn't get up until now as if Bran was invisible.

Hearing that, Louisa looked at her watch. When she noticed the time, she was shocked.

"I'm sorry, Bran. I forget to take you to school I will take you now." She dressed herself up in a hurry.

Yesterday, she was so busy dealing with the love between her and Bruce that she totally forgot about Bran. Thinking of that, Louisa felt a little guilty in her heart.

Looking at Louisa was in a hurry, Bran put on a helpless look. If they didn't arrive on time, he would definitely be criticized by the teacher.

Thinking of the image that Bran had set up in the teacher's mind and collapsed like this, Bran felt a little upset.

As if Bruce had seen through Bran, Bruce smiled and walked up to him. "Well, you don't have to worry about this matter. I will ask my assistant to call your teacher to explain the situation. The teacher won't blame you."

Hearing what Bruce said, Bran's gloomy face immediately turned happy.

"Really? Are you serious?" Bran looked at Bruce with uncertainty, but his eyes were full of excitement.

Seeing that Bran didn't believe him, Bruce shook his head helplessly. Bruce didn't know that he as a father didn't be trust by his son.

"When have I ever lied to you? I won't make fun of you with such things." With his good-looking eyebrows and his lips twitched, Bruce was somewhat dissatisfied.

He had never cheated Bran, and Bran didn't even believe in him.

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