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   Chapter 237 Ken kindly reminding Louisa

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10248

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"Nothing. When I saw you were absent-minded just now, I felt like you had something wrong, so I asked you." Ken's response was as expected by Louisa.

Ken was a thoughtful man and it was not easy for him to tell others what he thought. He resembled Bruce a lot in character, so Ken's answer was just as expected.

Hearing that, Ken wore a gentle smile on his face. He didn't know why he felt happy in his heart that Louisa had been paying attention to him before.

"Nothing. I was thinking about something about work." Looking at Louisa with a gentle smile on his face, Ken said flatly.

Even though it was an excuse, Louisa didn't ask any more questions. After all, they were not so close to each other.

She took a look at the documents in her hands, which were all urgently needed by Bruce. Again, she looked at Ken and said, "then I'll go first. The CEO is still waiting for me to send the documents."

At the thought of Bruce, Louisa felt a little upset suddenly. She felt that Bruce and she were not as close as before. The gap between them was getting deeper and deeper.

Ken nodded gently to show that Louisa could left. Looking at the figure walked away from him, he finally chose to say something.

"Louisa." Hearing that, Ken frowned slightly and looked at her, conflicted.

Turning around in confusion, Louisa looked at Ken, wondering what else he wanted to say.

"Nothing important. I just want to remind you that you should be careful about Michelle. Don't let her hurt you." That was all he could do. He hoped that Louisa could understand what he meant. He didn't want Louisa to give Michelle any more chances.

Although Louisa did not understand why Ken would suddenly remind her of that, she was clear in her heart that it was useful for her to get a promotion. Even if he did not say anything about that, she would always be on guard against Michelle, who against her all the time.

After saying that, Louisa smiled gently to Ken. Louisa nodded seriously and said, "I will. Thank you for your reminder."

Although Louisa didn't know what Ken had known, she still felt that what he said was for her good.

Louisa turned around and left again, heading to the CEO's office. Her relationship with Bruce was too stiff these days, so she wanted to ease. Such a day was a kind of torture to her.

However, what she didn't know was that her every move with Ken was seen by Bruce just now. Although Bruce was too far away from them he couldn't hear what they were talking about, he could tell that they were getting along very well with each other.

When Louisa came to the president's office, Bruce pretended not to have seen anything just now. He viewed the documents gloomily and didn't even raise his eyes when he felt someone come in.

"Mr. Bruce, here are the documents you asked me to prepare." After placing the documents in her hands on the desk, Louisa said flatly.

Looking at Bruce's indifferent face as usual, she felt a little sad. Now they had trouble with each other, not because of themselves, but because of oth

ran and Louisa got along with each other, they would frequently change their identities. Every time she was criticized like a child, and Bran would educate her like an adult.

Feeling the intimate relationship between Bran and her, Louisa was deeply touched in her heart and put him into her own arms.

Knowing that Louisa didn't want to talk about it and that Bran also didn't want to force her, he made up his mind to know what had happened between Louisa and Bruce. If it was Bruce who bullied his mother, he would not spare him.

Although Bruce had finished his work, he didn't want to go home. He stayed in his office till very late. He felt very depressed when he stayed with Louisa since they had quarrels.

After walking out of the CEO Office, Bruce found that the desk of Louisa· was empty. A trace of loss flashed through his mind. Although he had anticipated this result, it was inevitable for him to feel sad.

In fact, Bruce also wanted to have a good talk with her. But when he thought of the time when she stayed with Ken, Bruce couldn't help but pretend to be indifferent.

"Louisa, do you know how sad I was when I saw you were with another man? Why can't you understand me?" Sitting on the chair of Louisa, Bruce sighed and said helplessly.

Bruce began to regret that he had agreed to let Ken come back to the company. At the beginning, he had chosen to compromise for the interests of the company, but he had not expected that it would cause a crisis to his own feelings. He had been very confident and proud at first, but now he was like a child who had no sense of security in love.

Looking at the photos on Louisa's desk, Bruce was very fretful. He didn't know how to make their relationship go back to the past.

Bruce sat for a long time before he left the company. He didn't want to face Louisa's indifference, but it was his home anyway.

When Bruce opened the door and came back home, he did not see Louisa. Only Bran was sitting on the sofa like an adult. It seemed that Bran was waiting for him.

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