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   Chapter 236 Stand Me Up

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10377

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"Hello, Michelle." Disappointed as he was, even though wasn't from Louisa, Bruce answered the phone anyway. But the way he talked was not as passionate as when Louisa was still on the spot.

Hearing the low sexy voice of Bruce from the phone, Michelle felt that her heart was about to jump out of her chest, and her heart was full of him.

"Bruce, why haven't you come yet? I have been waiting for you." In a very stylish western restaurant, Michelle sat next to the window, gently speaking to Bruce on the other end of the phone.

When they were about to have meal together before that Bruce had never been late, but today was the first exception. In the past, Michelle would be very angry with him. But now, as long as Bruce could come over, she would be very happy.

After all, they were not as close as before. She also knew that Bruce disliked her now in his heart, so Michelle worried that if she was still as wayward as before, Bruce would hate her more.

"Michelle, I remember that I have something to deal with in the company. I can't have lunch with you today. Don't wait for me."

Hearing that, Bruce became more irritated. He refused today's date without hesitate.

Hearing what Bruce said, Michelle was surprised. After she recovered, she said anxiously to him on the other end of the phone, "Bruce."

But before she could finish her words, the phone had been hung up by Bruce.

Looking at the phone in her hand, Michelle's face was full of resentment. This morning, Bruce had promised her that he would have lunch with her, but she did not expect Bruce to call her back and refuse her. She had a feeling of being tricked.

Michelle thought carefully about why Bruce would suddenly change his mind. She only came up with one reason, that was, Louisa. This morning, Michelle had felt that there was something wrong between Bruce and Louisa and it seemed that they were in conflict.

Now it seemed that Bruce agreed to have lunch with her just to stimulate Louisa and take advantage of her.

Thinking through what Bruce intended to do, Michelle became angrier. She would never let it go.

Michelle then dialed Ken's number. With a sullen face, Michelle wanted to meet Ken again.

When Bruce went back to the company, he found that Louisa was already back, and she had already begun to work hard. That made him even angrier.

He cared about her so much that he didn't have lunch but went back to find her, but she seemed not to care about it at all.

Walking into the CEO office and slamming the door, the whole floor's employees of the company looked in the direction of the door. They didn't know who had pissed their boss off and made him so angry.

On the other hand, Louisa was calm. She had been accustomed to Bruce's anger, so she wasn't surprised at all. She continued to read the document.

Ken had meant to find out the situation, but he gave up the idea at the thought of the harsh tone when Michelle called him just now. He had to see her first.

Ken left the company after taking a glance at Louisa with some worries.

"Ken, you must help me this tim

rned with fire, and he had an impulse to avenge for Louisa. If it was not for the reminder just now, he really didn't know what he would do to Michelle.

Ken's gloomy eyes made Michelle's heart tremble, and a flicker of panic flashed through her heart. She didn't respond for a while until he walked away.

"Louisa, now everyone is on your side. Even if so, I will not let you go. One day I will make you kneel in front of me and beg for my mercy!" Michelle violently threw the coffee cup in her hand to the ground, and the coffee immediately splashed all over.

Back to the company, Ken walked into the elevator with a sullen face. He even ignored the greeting from the employees of the company. At the moment, he was still worried about Louisa that Michelle wanted to hurt her.

After reaching the floor where his office was located, Ken ran into Louisa. Because their shoulders bumped into each other, the documents on Louisa's hands were scattered all over the floor.

Ken came to his senses after seeing that the documents were still being collected on the ground by Louisa. He squatted down quickly to help her pick them up. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it," he apologized

Ken's words were full of apologies. He was thinking about the conversation with Michelle just now and did not notice that Louisa was still here.

"Nothing. You don't look good. Is there anything wrong?" Louisa had seen Ken's sullen and angry face earlier.

But Louisa didn't want to be a busybody. Now she saw his sincere apology to her. Thinking of what Ken had helped her a few days ago, she couldn't help but feel concerned.

Hearing that, Ken's hands paused, but he quickly restored as usual and looked at Louisa calmly.

"No. why did you ask that?" Ken didn't tell Louisa that the accident that had happened in the parking lot last time was caused by Michelle. Ken looked at Louisa with curiosity.

If Louisa had known that it was Michelle who did it last time and Ken could return to the company because of Michelle's father, he would have involved himself in this.

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