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   Chapter 235 Misunderstanding Deepen

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10394

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Looking at the angry look on Louisa's face, Bruce stood there in a daze, regretting saying something excessive just now. But he was just too angry.

He had always been a very possessive person. It was impossible for him to see another man treat his woman well, let alone a scheming man.

However, Louisa didn't understand him at all. On the contrary, she spoke for Ken again and again. Ken was the person who had hurt them before. How could Bruce not be angry?

Bruce could no longer hold back his anxiety, and strode out of the office. When he arrived at downstairs, Louisa was nowhere to be found.

Looking at the empty road, Bruce regretted speaking so rudely to her just now.

When Louisa ran out of the company, Ken noticed her and wondered what had happened to her. So he followed her out of the company. His phone rang before he could catch up with her.

When he saw the name of Michelle, he frowned slightly. A trace of displeasure flashed through his eyes, but was quickly covered up by him.

When he answered the phone, they made an appointment to meet in a cafe not far from Mu's Group.

As the two people were doing face to face, Ken scrutinized Michelle with a stern look. Looking at Michelle coldly, he knew that she must have something to ask for his help.

"Spit it out! Why did you call me just now? " Seeing that Michelle did not speak for a long time, Ken began to become a little impatient. Just now when he saw that Louisa was not in a good condition when she left, he was a little worried.

The only thing Ken wanted to do now was to get rid of Michelle as soon as possible and go to see Louisa. He didn't know when he began to care about Louisa so much. He had to find an excuse in his heart that he needed to use her to defeat Bruce. So he had to make a good relationship with Louisa.

Finally, Ken could not wait patiently. A sly smile flashed across Michelle' eyes. She put down the coffee cup in her hand and then looked at Ken, saying in a somewhat cold voice.

"Well, you have already been impatient since I didn't ask you for help right now. Don't forget that it is me who helped you to get back to the company. I don't think you will forget our original agreement, right?"

Seeing that Ken was impatient to her, Michelle was very angry in her heart, and her face suddenly turned much colder.

Hearing that, Ken's expression softened, but he became a little angry in his heart. If it was not for her help that he could not return to the company, he would not have cooperated with her.

But since he had promised to help Michelle, of course he couldn't break his promise. He still needed her a lot, and it was not the time to fall out with her.

"Just say it. If there's anything I can do for you, I'll do it for you." Ken's tone softened a lot. Ken took a sip of the coffee and said lightly.

Seeing that Ken behaved in a humble manner, a smug smile appeared on Michelle's face. She thought that if she hadn't helped him return to the company, he might have been wandering outside.

"I haven't seen Bruce for a long time. Can you find a way to let us m

In fact, he didn't really want to have lunch with Michelle. He just wanted to make Louisa angry with him. He wanted to know whether Louisa cared about him in her heart.

As soon as Bruce agreed to her invitation, Michelle was so excited that she smiled happily. "Okay, then I will see you at the same place at twelve o'clock this noon."

Looking at the two of them having fun together, Louisa was very angry, but she was trying hard to put a restraint at the moment. She was working now, and they were superior and subordinate relationship. Louisa would not say anything more.

However, Bruce knew clearly that Michelle had a special feeling for him, but he still ate with her alone, which would make her entangled with him.

After talking with the boss of Wanda Group, Louisa left silently. She didn't want to see the intimate interaction between Bruce and Michelle any more.

After getting on the taxi, Louisa sent Bruce a message, telling him that she would go back to the company first and not to disturb him and Michelle to have lunch.

As soon as Bruce finished talking about work, he couldn't find Louisa. At this time, he heard the message tone. When he finished reading the content on the message, his eyes were burning.

He wanted to have lunch with Michelle, but Louisa wasn't angry at all, and even went back to the company without disturbing them. Bruce began to doubt whether he was still important in Louisa's heart.

'Louisa, you damn woman. You left alone. I'll teach you a lesson when I get back!' Bruce thought. Turning off the phone angrily, Bruce said angrily.

Right at this time, Bruce's phone suddenly rang. Hearing someone call him, he thought it was Louisa, because she might prevent him from having dinner with Michelle, which made his feel better for a moment.

But when Bruce saw the caller ID was Michelle, his face fell at once, and his heart was full of disappointment. He felt as if he had fallen from the top of the cloud to the ground. How he hoped that the call was from Louisa, but he was doomed to be disappointed.

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