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   Chapter 234 Apologize

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"You don't need to say sorry to me. You should apologize to Louisa. Do you know how sad she was when she came back?"

In spite of Bruce's apology, Bill didn't appreciate it at all. At this moment, Bill's heart was full of love for his daughter.

If not for Bruce, his beloved daughter would be so sad.

Bruce was rendered speechless by his father-in-law's accusation. Bruce knew it was all his fault, so he could not find any reasons to defend himself.

"Father, I know I was wrong. I am going to pick up Louisa now." Bruce couldn't wait to see Louisa because he was worried about her.

The car turned around and headed for Xia family's residence. Bruce had decided to apologize to Louisa. He admitted that he was too excited this time.

But Bill refused, "no, you don't need to come tonight. She is still angry, and it's impossible for her to go back with you. You'd better give her some time to calm down!"

Although Bill had neglected Louisa in the past, he was still very clear about Louisa's temper. She was still angry now and absolutely wouldn't want to see Bruce.

Hearing what his father-in-law said, Bruce was a little anxious and didn't know when Louisa would forgive him.

The next morning, Bruce came to the company early because he wanted to see Louisa earlier.

Although they had a quarrel last night, Bruce knew that Louisa was not a person who would be affected his work· by personal feelings. So he was sure that she would come to work today.

Sure enough, she appeared in front of the elevator before long. Looking at her familiar figure, Bruce was a little excited and kept thinking about how to greet her.

When Bruce was about to walk out of the elevator to receive Louisa, a man walked to her front. It was Ken, the man Bruce hated most in the world.

Ken walked to Louisa and asked with concern, "you're not scared by what happened yesterday, are you?"

There was a sense of concern in his voice. Although they are a stand-by relationship, Louisa still felt warm when she heard Ken's words of concern.

Louisa smiled at Ken and said, "I'm fine now. Thank you for saving me yesterday."

At this time, the tone Louisa talked to Ken had no previous hostility. She used to think that he was a person who would do anything to achieve his goal without any human feelings, but because of what happened yesterday, her attitude towards him had changed.

Thanks to Ken, she could still be safe. Yesterday, he was more brave than she thought.

Hearing that, Ken smiled somewhat casually. He said again, "don't thank me. You were in danger yesterday. How could I stand by?"

Ken's words made Louisa feel good again and she was very grateful to him.

She smiled again. After checking the time, she said, "it's late. I have to go to work."

It was time for the meeting. Louisa had to prepare the materials for the meeting. She was late enough today, so she had to hurry up.

Ken nodded gently to ind

she would even think that the box of food was yummy.

When Louisa was about to pick up the chopsticks to eat, the box was knocked to the ground all of a sudden. She raised her head a little angrily and saw Bruce was looking at her angrily.

"What are you doing?" Louisa jumped to her feet, glared at Bruce and shouted angrily.

Louisa was starving to death. The lunch box was precious to her, but she suspected Bruce wanted her to starve.

Seeing that Louisa cared about the box so much, Bruce became very angry. "What am I doing? I've already seen it. It's from Ken. I have warned you to keep a distance from him. Why do you still accept his box?"

Thinking of the tender look in Ken's eyes when he looked at Louisa, Bruce knew that Ken had a feeling for her, so Bruce would not let the two of them get close to each other.

Hearing this ridiculous reason, Louisa couldn't help sneering. It was exactly for this reason that Bruce made her starve.

"So what? You want me to starve to death?" Louisa sneered and said coldly. Now Louisa looked at Bruce with disappointment.

She thought that Bruce would feel sorry for her in the first place, but he was questioning her now. She began to feel a little disappointed.

Bruce was shocked by the cold and unemotional tone of Louisa. He didn't know when she became so cold to him.

"If you are hungry, you can come to me and I can go out for lunch with you. But why did you meet Ken? I'm worried about you. Do you know that?"

The response of Louisa made Bruce know that what he did today was too much.

But Bruce did it all because he was jealous, because he didn't want to see his woman smile at another man, and this man had always been his enemy.

Bruce's explanation didn't work on Louisa. Looking at the scattered lunch boxes, she ran out angrily.

Louisa was very disappointed with Bruce. She didn't want to see him at all. All she wanted was to find a place where she couldn't see him.

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