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   Chapter 228 Louisa's reluctance

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10258

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"Well, that's enough. It's late. Let's go to sleep." Holding Louisa's hand, Bruce laughed.

Bran just needed to go to school tomorrow, so he wouldn't be in danger. But now Louisa was so worried about him. Bruce couldn't imagine how important Bran was to her.

Seeing that Bruce didn't answer her question, Louisa could only hold back her anxiety and lay down, ready to sleep.

When Bruce was about to fall asleep, Louisa woke him up again.

"Bruce, can you tell me which school you have found for Bran? And how is it like?" Finally, Louisa could not help but ask again.

Bruce had been very tired after working for a whole day. Now that he saw that Louisa couldn't fall asleep because of Bran's going to school tomorrow, he felt helpless.

Bruce sighed helplessly and said in a vague voice, "have a good rest tonight. I'll take you to take Bran to school tomorrow, so you don't have to worry about him."

To set Louisa's mind at rest, Bruce had no other choice. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.

Bruce's words finally set Louisa's mind at rest. Then she lay down to sleep.

The next day morning, before the sun rose, Louisa got up early to prepare breakfast. Today was the first day of Bran's school, so he couldn't be late.

When Bruce and Bran got up, they saw a sumptuous breakfast on the table, which made them both surprised.

"Louisa, why did you prepare so much this morning? Can we three eat it all? " There was too much food in each person's plate. Seeing this, Bruce looked up at Louisa and asked with uncertainty.

Louisa had never prepared so much food before. But today, she made an exception. He wondered whether she shocked because of Bran's matter.

She gave Bruce a disgruntled look before opening her mouth, "today is the first day Bran goes to school. Of course I have to provide enough nutrition for him."

Not only Bruce but also Bran felt helpless this time. He just went to school, not the battlefield. It was so formal.

But Bran didn't say it out, because he was afraid that Louisa would be sad. After all, she prepared so much for him.

Bran and Louisa looked at each other and started to eat breakfast obediently, without saying anything.

They drove to the Rainbow kindergarten. As soon as the three got out of the car, someone came to pick them up, with smiles on their faces.

"Mr. Bruce, here you come. This must be your son." He walked up to Bruce and said respectfully. Then he looked at Bran.

When he saw Bran's face clearly, he couldn't help admiring. Bruce was already a handsome man, and he didn't expect that his son was even more handsome than him.

Looking at the man who came to accost him, Bruce frowned in confusion. He didn't know who he was?

"Who are you?" Bruce asked calmly as the man didn't introduce himself.

Bruce stared at the school and wanted to know if it was the best kindergarten in the city.

Hearing Bruce's question, the man remember that he forgot to introduce himself.

"I'm the principle of this kindergarten. Yesterday, the secretary of Mr. Bruce

sed in front of Bruce, Bruce was the biggest sponsor of the school and he couldn't offend Bruce.

Seeing that the principal got his meaning, Bruce nodded gently and looked at Louisa.

"Louisa, I've gotten Bran's schedule ready. Let's go back now. He is having a class here. I don't want to disturb him." Then Bruce walked up to her and held her hand.

Hearing that she was going to leave, Louisa could not bear to leave. It was the time she had to be apart from Bran for the first day, which made her a little reluctant.

Getting rid of Bruce, Louisa came to Bran, looked at him and said with concern, "Bran, take good care of yourself in school and get along well with your classmates, okay?"

Although Bran was a smart kid, she had been taking care of him all the time. Suddenly, for a whole day without seeing Bran, Louisa felt empty in her heart.

Seeing that Louisa's eyes were a little red, Bran caressed her little face like a small adult.

"I know. I will go home after school. Don't worry about me." Bran put his chubby little hand on the face of Louisa· in front of him, and his watery eyes were full of pity.

Hearing Bran's comfort, Louisa finally smiled through tears. She was an adult and didn't need to be comforted like a child.

Reluctant to part, Louisa kissed Bran on his cheek. Then she stood up and left with Bruce.

She knew that it was the first step that she had to take. She couldn't be with Bran for the rest of her life, and she should be happy for him that he started school now.

But right now, Louisa had mixed feelings. On the one hand, she was happy that Bran had started school, on the other hand, she was a little sad that she could not see him during the day.

Seeing that Bran stood still and looked at her, Louisa had an impulse to go back. If she hadn't tried to restrain herself now, she might have really done that.

She could only force herself not to look back and follow Bruce away, because she was afraid that if she looked back again, she would be even more reluctant to leave.

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