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   Chapter 227 Go To School

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A few consecutive days had passed. Ken had been doing his work from head to toe and hadn't made any mistakes, which made Bruce very confused. Bruce didn't know what Ken wanted from him.

But Ken didn't do anything wrong to make Bruce relax and be less defensive, so that Bruce had time to care about other things.

It was rare for a family to have a meal together, yet the three of them were laughing out loud on the table.

"Bran, do you want to go to school?" During the breakfast, Bruce looked at Bran and asked indifferently.

Bran was six years old and had reached the age for school. Bruce worked all day and had no time to accompany Bran at home. Bruce was afraid that Bran couldn't see the world outside.

Hearing that, Bran put down his chopsticks and looked at Bruce in confusion, wondering why he would suddenly mention the topic of school today. "Go to school? Do you want me to go to school?"

Bran hadn't thought about going to school before. When Bruce mentioned it, he was very curious.

Louisa was surprised to hear that, but then asked with uncertainty, "Bruce, why do you suddenly mention school today? Are you going to send Bran to school?".

Louisa had been considering about it these days, but she didn't have time to tell Bruce. She didn't expect that he would bring it up first today.

They thought the same thing this time. Bran was indeed supposed to go to school.

After he wiped his mouth with a tissue, Bruce looked at them seriously and said, "Bran has reached the age of school. He can't always be spoiled at home, so he should go out to study."

After hearing Bruce's explanation, Louisa nodded in agreement.

In fact, she had thought the same way. Although Bran was smarter than other children, she could not let him lose from the beginning.

Hearing that the two of them agreed to let him go to school, Bran didn't show much joy on his face, but he was a little excited in his heart.

If Bran goes to school, there will be a lot of people who can play with him, then he doesn't have to stay at home every day.

"Father, which grade are you going to let me start?" Looking at Bruce, Bran couldn't wait to speak.

Bran couldn't wait any longer to see the outside world, so he wanted to go to school right away. If he could go to college, there would be more time saved for him than others.

Bran's words made both Bruce and Louisa speechless. Bran hadn't started school yet, but he wanted to know his start from grade. They were really speechless about Bran's confidence.

"Of course it started in kindergarten. Children of your age should be in it." Looking at Bran helplessly, Bruce said indifferently.

Hearing that, Bran was surprised, but he was more dissatisfied. "What? You send me to the kindergarten? Did you mistake it?"

In Bran's eyes, all the students in the kindergarten didn't know anything, so he was definitely unwilling to go there.

When Bruce saw the resistance on Bran's face, there was a flash of dissatisfaction in his eyes. Bran just looked down upon the kindergarten on his face, and Bruce didn't want his son to be an arrogant person.

"What's wrong?" Bruce's

en children, so when it came to school, he was also listless.

Bruce sat up straight, held Bran in his arms and let him sit on his laps. Then Bruce started to talk with Bran with dissatisfaction.

"What do you mean? Is your father so inefficient? " What Bran said annoyed Bruce. Bruce could not help questioning him.

He had tried his best to find a good school for Bran, but Bruce didn't expect his son to look down upon him this way. It wouldn't take Bruce a few days to find a new school.

Whatever Bruce said. Bran was not interested in it at all. At the moment, he was playing the Games in his hands without any interest.

"Well, don't pull a long face. I promise you will be satisfied with the school I have found for you." Knowing the reason why Bran was unhappy, Bruce shook Bran's body slightly and comforted him.

Bran just didn't like the kindergarten in his memory. He had never been there before. He couldn't feel the happiness only by his imagination.

Bran was in a better mood after he heard that. Louisa wanted to celebrate that Bran would go to school tomorrow, so she prepared a lot of delicious dishes to celebrate.

Bran was unwilling to go to school at first, but when he saw a full table of delicious food, Bran felt balanced a lot. If there were so much food to eat every day in the school, he would be very happy to go.

After dinner, Louisa asked Bran to go back to his room to rest early, reminding him not to be late for school on the first day tomorrow. As Bran was a little impatient, he had to go back to his room to rest as she said.

"Bruce, which school are you looking for? Is it near my home?" In the bedroom, Louisa looked at Bruce and asked anxiously.

That was what she was most concerned about. She was worried about Bran, because it was his first day to go to school. So she thought that if she missed him, she would go to see him.

Then Bruce looked at Louisa who seemed reluctant to leave, so he smiled. He thought to himself, 'Louisa has been too reliant on Bran. She worried about him when she separate from him for a few hours every day.'

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