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   Chapter 226 Compromise

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10235

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Hearing the request of asking Ken to go back to the company, Bruce's face darkened. Ken had done so many things wrong. He was finally punished by Ken and was expelled from the company. If Ken was asked to come back now, it would be a trap for Bruce.

But Bruce didn't show his real feelings. He pretended to be calm and didn't want Billy to see through him.

"Why did Uncle Billy choose Ken? Our company has a lot of excellent talents who can do well in the project." He didn't turn down Billy's offer or accept his condition. Bruce tried to persuade him to give up this idea.

He didn't know why Billy suddenly thought of asking Ken to help him with his project, but Bruce had a hunch that it must be Ken who asked Billy.

Bruce had a good idea. But Billy had been working in the company for many years. How could he change his decision so quickly just because of Bruce a few words.

"Bruce, I know that there are some conflicts between you two, but we are talking about work now. Uncle Billy hopes that you can put your personal grievance aside. After all, you should consider the interests of the company."

But he didn't change his mind, instead, he began to persuade Bruce.

At first, Billy was a little worried that the cooperation between the two companies would be ruined because of his condition. But seeing that Bruce was so nervous about this project, Billy was more confident.

Hearing Billy's words, Bruce frowned deeply. Bruce knew clearly what kind of person Ken was. If he let Ken go back to the company, no one knew what trick he would play in the future.

But if he didn't agree to deal with Billy's request, Bruce would be worried that Billy couldn't sign the contract, so Bruce was entangled in an instant.

"Bruce, have you decided whether to tell Ken to come back and preside over our project or not?" Even Bruce did not answer his question for a long time. Billy looked at him and asked him again.

Although Billy didn't know why his beloved daughter asked him to help Ken come back, he didn't have the heart to refuse her daughter's request. Therefore, he would try his best to fulfill the task her daughter had given him.

If Bruce refused Billy's offer, their cooperation would be terminated. Now there was only one way for Bruce, and that was to compromise.

"I see, uncle Billy. I will get Ken back to the company as soon as possible." Bruce said these words calmly with an unwilling look on his face.

Although Ken would do something crazy if he went back to the company again, Bruce had to agree to this term for the interests of the company.

But when Ken came back, Bruce would be more vigilant, so that Ken wouldn't have the chance to hurt him and Louisa.

The reply from Bruce made Billy relieved. Billy nodded with satisfaction and took the agreement on the table. He signed it without checking it.

"OK, I have signed the contract. Now it's your turn." Billy handed the signed contract to Bruce and said casually.

With a quick glance at the contract, Bruce signed his name quickly

pany this time. He must take back everything that belonged to him, in case anything unexpected happened. But he had to get everything that belonged to Bruce, including Bruce's woman.

"Mr. Ken, it's so great that you are back now. Our hard days have finally come to an end." Hearing Ken's ambitious plan, the male employee was very excited, because only in this way could he gets the chance of promotion.

At noon, Bruce worked overtime in the company. Ken had handed him a plan, so Bruce had to see it clearly in case that Ken would cause trouble in his plan.

Just then, Bruce's phone rang. He smiled after seeing the caller ID.

"Louisa." Bruce was completely different from the poker faced man he had been this morning.

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa smiled too. She called because she was worried about him.

"Bruce, have you had your meal?" She knew that Bruce was a workaholic and he forgot to eat at work. That's why she had reminded him to eat every day since they got married.

It seemed to have become one of her habits. And Bruce received phone calls from Louisa every day, so he was forced to ask his secretary to bring food for him.

"Not yet. I have an unfinished document." Bruce looked at the document in his hand while speaking to Louisa on the other end of the line.

He had read the plan twice, but found nothing wrong. He began to doubt whether Ken had changed his evil spirits and stopped fighting with him.

Bruce soon gave up this idea. Since childhood, Ken had been competing with him for everything. How could Ken give up so easily?

"Why haven't you gone to have dinner? Are you worried about Ken?" At the thought that Bruce was in a poor condition because of Ken last night, Louisa felt worried about him.

Knowing that Louisa cared about him. Although Bruce didn't want to hear Ken's name, he couldn't help but raise his head and pretend that he didn't care at all.

"You don't need to worry about Ken. I know what I'm doing." Bruce said calmly. He didn't want to upset Louisa.

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