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   Chapter 222 I Am Yours

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9974

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"Trust me, Ella. If you insist, I believe that you and Frank will be together forever." Holding Ella's hand tightly, Louisa said seriously.

Louisa thought that Frank might haven't figure out his love for Ella yet, so he refused Ella. And after a long time, Frank would understand that the two of them would be together.

Every time Louisa's words could give Ella full of energy. Now hearing what Louisa said, Ella seemed to have confidence again.

Ella wiped her tears hastily and looked at Louisa firmly. "Don't worry. I will hold on. I love him. I won't give up so easily."

Now, Ella was confident, not as cowardly as before. Seeing her acting like this, Louisa felt relieved.

After controlling her emotion, Ella began to rehearse with Louisa. When Frank came into the dance room again, he saw that they were rehearsing earnestly.

Frank was surprised to see Ella act as if nothing had happened. He wondered why she was so different from before.

During one break, Louisa went to the lady's room alone. When she came out of the bathroom, she happened to meet Frank who was looking at her seriously.

"Why are you here?" For Frank's sudden appearance, Louisa asked in surprise.

It seemed that he waited for her here on purpose, but she didn't know why he looked for her. The two of them didn't talk much the whole day.

Seeing the surprised look on Louisa's face, Frank felt more upset. He guessed that everything that happened today must have something to do with her. And she probably also knew that Ella expressed her love to him this noon.

"Come here. I have something to ask you." Without answering Louisa's question, Frank grabbed her hand and strode away.

It was not until Louisa was dragged all the way to the roof that she shoved him and shouted with some displeasure, "what are you doing? Why did you bring me here? "

Looking at the empty rooftop, there were only two of them. There was a trace of anger in Louisa's beautiful eyes. She was very angry that Frank dragged her here without her consent.

Seeing the angry look on Louisa's face, Frank got angrier. He stepped closer to her and looked fiercely at her.

"Are you deliberately not going to have lunch today? Do you know what Ella wants to do? " His tone was full of questioning. At the moment, Frank's deep eyes were burning with anger.

The woman he wanted now was Louisa, but she pushed the other woman into his arms, which made him very unhappy, and at the same time a little disappointed.

Frank's question was so unexpected that Louisa didn't know how to answer it. She did deliberately give them more space, but she really didn't know about Ella's confession!

Besides, even if she knew it had something to do with her, she was just an outsider. Why did he get so angry.

Seeing that Louisa did not answer his question for a long time, Frank thought that she had admitted it. As a result, he was more angry. If he did not endure it, he would have been fu

at Louisa up and down and nodded.

After getting his consent, Louisa went to the middle and jumped on the dance which the two of them had just practiced. As it only took them one day to practice, she was not very skilled, and it was a bit difficult for her to perform the dance.

Frank shook his head in disappointment. It was not until now that he realized that Louisa was not good at dancing at all.

After Louisa jumped, the next one naturally came to the door. As soon as Ella was in the middle of the room, the graceful aura around her attracted the two of them.

Ella deserved to be one of the top dancer in the world. She was so proficient in dancing today's rehearsal that it seemed she had practiced it for a long time.

The performance was over. Standing on the ground with her tiptoes, Ella turned around with a magnificent look and then ended her dance.

"Frank, how do you feel now? Is everything okay?" Seeing that Frank was a little drunk, a smile appeared on Ella's face. She clearly saw the amazement in Frank's eyes.

If he had no feeling for her, how could he notice her? Looking at his reaction, Louisa was very satisfied.

Hearing this, Frank looked away quickly and coughed to cover up his embarrassment.

He was out of control just now. What if Ella misunderstood that he kept staring at her.

"You dance very well. You deserve to be the top dancer in the world. I'm afraid few people can dance better than you." Making no secret of his tacit praise, Frank looked at Ella with appreciation.

Looking at the interaction between the two people, Louisa felt that the atmosphere between them was somewhat ambiguous, so she stood still and didn't even dare to breathe deeply, afraid of ruining the sweetness of them at the moment.

Hearing Frank's praise, Ella lowered her head shyly. There was a hint of excitement in her heart. It was the first time that he praised her so frankly. She had an illusion that he began to have a crush on her.

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