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   Chapter 221 Refuse

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9611

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"Let's go out for lunch." After taking a cold glance at Louisa, Frank turned his face to look at Ella and said flatly.

Although Frank was reluctant, he acted like a gentleman. After finishing his words, he directly turned around and walked towards the door, ignoring Louisa.

Ella looked at Louisa gratefully, and Louisa gestured to Ella to cheer her up. Louisa hoped that Ella would cherish this hard won opportunity.

Later, they came to a restaurant not far away and ordered two steaks. Ella knew that Frank liked the steak of this restaurant the most, and he wanted the steak medium well.

Frank furrowed his brows as he saw such a considerate and thoughtful girl like her. He was surprised, but he didn't show it on his face.

"Frank, I have ordered your favorite steak. Do you need anything else?" Ella handed the menu to Frank and said gently.

Because she liked Frank, she had already known his preferences clearly. Today, for the first time, she had hoped that her consideration would make him move.

But a cold man like Frank couldn't be moved by her so easily. He remained expressionless.

"Ella, it seems that you know a lot about my life, don't you?" He asked in a calm voice. It was hard to tell the emotions in his words.

Hearing Frank's sudden question, a trace of surprise flashed through Ella's heart, but she soon reacted and smiled with excitement.

"Of course, as long as I am with you, I will pay close attention to your every move, so I know you well." Speaking to this, her face blushed out of embarrassment as she finished her sentence.

After all, she had just expressed her love to him. She wondered what Frank would think of her as a girl who was so frank.

Ella made no secret of her feelings. Frank frowned again. He sighed and didn't want to say anything.

"Let's eat." After saying the two words lightly, Frank lowered his head and started eating. He didn't know how to refuse Ella, and he just wanted to take time to dilute all this.

Frank's response disappointed Ella. She had already made herself so straight to the point, but Frank still didn't respond. She couldn't wait to know his attitude.

Putting down the knife and fork in her hands, Ella looked at Frank seriously and plucked up the courage to speak again, "Frank, I like you. I want to be with you, so I want to know your inner thoughts."

Because Frank had never showed his love for her in front of her. She really wanted to know whether he liked her or not. She didn't want herself to think too much.

Frank paused for a second, and then quickly restored his composure. He put a piece of steak into his mouth and chewed it gracefully.

After a long silence, they looked at each other. "Ella, I know what you mean. But we are not meant for each other. So don't waste your time on me. The reason why I keep a distance from you is th

e choked with sobs for a long time before she gradually calmed down.

"He said he didn't like me, so we won't be together. Louisa, what should I do now?" Thinking of that painful answer, Ella looked painful. Tears filled her eyes but she held them back.

Louisa felt a little hopeless to hear this, but she didn't believe it. Although Frank looked indifferent, he had feelings in his heart. Ella had done so much for him, how could he not feel?

"Why doesn't Frank like you? You are so beautiful and kind. Why does he dislike you?" Louisa asked in disbelief.

'You have known Ella for such a long time. She is not only beautiful, but also has a good personality. There is no reason that Frank doesn't like her.' Louisa thought.

At the moment, Ella had no time to answer the questions left by Louisa. She kept thinking about Frank's rejection to her.

"Louisa, what do you think I should do now? Do I have to give up so easily? I have loved him for such a long time. I really don't want to give up so easily. "

Ella looked at Louisa for help, hoping she could give her an idea.

Ella's mind was a total mess. She didn't know what to do or how to face Frank later.

Seeing that Ella was in great pain, Louisa felt sorry for her. Louisa could understand her current mood, but she had a intuition that Frank must have Ella in his heart.

"Well, don't give up easily if you really like him. Maybe he will fall in love with you all of a sudden. Love is uncertain."

Louisa believed that as long as Ella insisted, they would be together.

Hearing that, Ella fell silent, as if thinking about what Louisa said.

"Will Frank hate me if I insist?" Although Ella also wanted to stick to it, she was more worried that Frank would hate her.

Ella would rather suffer alone than see Frank's eyes turned into disgust. In that case, she would rather give up and be an ordinary friend by his side.

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