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   Chapter 219 Compromise

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9544

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Hearing the ring of the phone, Louisa took her phone out of her bag. When she saw the caller ID was Frank, she could not help but frown.

They didn't know each other very well. Although he often told her to be his woman in a bossy manner, she always avoided him.

"Hello." Although she was confused why he called her, Louisa quickly answered the phone.

"Come to my house. I need your help." Eric's domineering voice came through as soon as the line was connected.

The phone was hung up before Louisa could say anything.

Listening to the busy tone over the phone, Louisa looked depressed. He had something to ask her for help, but he didn't tell her anything, there was no sign of asking for help.

Even though Louisa was very angry, she got up quickly, changed her clothes and rushed away.

Even though Frank often bossily asked her to be his woman, she could see no love or purpose in his eyes, so Louisa did not dislike him.

Worrying that he might need some help, Louisa came here without a long time. When she opened the door, she saw Frank sitting in front of the piano. She wondered what the score was.

"What can I do for you?" Taking a deep breath, Louisa calmed down and asked lightly.

'He doesn't seem to have something urgent to ask for her help. Is he playing tricks on me deliberately? 'Louisa thought.

Hearing that, Frank put down the music score and slowly turned around to look at Louisa.

He looked Louisa up and down for a while before he finally opened his mouth unhurriedly, "I am able to compose a piece of music. Now I need someone to dance for me, so I come to you for help."

Said Frank in a neither warm nor angry tone. There was no emotion in his eyes to look at Louisa, as if he was born to be emotionless.

Hearing that, Louisa frowned and didn't answer him immediately.

Seeing that Louisa didn't speak for a long time, Frank was a little confused and asked again, "what's wrong? Is there some problems?"

Louisa's response made Frank unhappy. It was such an honor to receive his invitation, but she didn't seem happy.

Hearing Frank's question, Louisa looked up at him and said lightly, "I don't think you should ask me for help. You should go to look for Ella. She is the top dancer in the world. Isn't it better for her to dance for you than for me?"

Speaking out her thoughts, Louisa looked calmly at Frank. She knew that Ella liked him when they were young. Now that she was with Bruce, Ella had helped her a lot. So the thought of making a match between Ella and Frank came to her mind.

When Frank heard Ella's name, he slightly frowned, and the smile in his eyes disappeared. He knew that Ella was the most suitable person, but he didn't want to have any more intersection with her.

"I think you are more suitable than her, so I invited you to dance," Completel

with such things. If you don't believe me, you can ask Frank." Replied Louisa with a smile on her face.

From Ella's reaction, Louisa could tell that how much she liked Frank. A top-level dancer like Ella certainly had many pursuers around, but she only had a crush on Frank.

The affirmative answer of Louisa finally relieved Ella, and her face was full of excitement.

"Louisa, thank you. Thank you so much." If it hadn't been for Louisa, she wouldn't have had the chance.

Ella thanked her sincerely for helping her.

In fact, Louisa was also very happy that she could help Ella. Now she had obtained her own happiness, and she also hoped that the person who had helped her got her own happiness.

"You don't need to be so polite with me. Don't forget that thanks to you, I can be with Bruce now. In fact, I should thank you."

On the other side of the phone, Louisa was very grateful for that she and Bruce could be together because of the help of Ella.

Although Louisa didn't know if Ella and Frank could be together in the end, but at least one person had tried, only in this way could not they regret.

Louisa's words made Ella more favorable impression on her. In the past, the reason why Ella helped Louisa was that she didn't want Louisa to be with Frank. But now, seeing that Louisa was helping her like this, Ella was moved and deeply regarded Louisa as a good friend.

"Don't forget to pursue your own happiness, Moore. No matter what difficulties you encounter, don't give up easily."

After a long time of silence, Louisa still seemed to cheer Ella up.

Louisa knew how it felt to be with someone she didn't love, so their relationship was so rough, just like hers.

"Okay, I will. I will work hard." Louisa's words seemed to inspire Ella. Ella took a deep breath, firmly and earnestly. Now that Louisa had helped her so much, she wouldn't let Louisa down.

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