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   Chapter 218 Bring Frank And Ella Together

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Looking at the smug smile on Bruce's face, Louisa was unhappy. He just did something wrong, but now he still showed it up. It was really heartless.

"Actually there is another reason why I believe you so much. This is the most important one." Bruce didn't seem to feel sorry for what happened just now, so Louisa wanted to give him a blow to see if he dared to see other women behind her again.

Hearing that, the smile on Bruce's face gradually disappeared and turned to a confused expression. He looked at Louisa in confusion.

"What other important reasons? Don't you believe me?" Hearing that, Bruce was a little disappointed, but he still tried to pretend to be calm.

Bruce's disappointment made Louisa feel much better. Now she just wanted him to know how disappointed she was.

After clearing her throat, Louisa looked at Bruce and said seriously, "the most important reason is that I know that you have a special disease. Generally speaking, women should have a special blood type could appeal you. So I believe that it is absolutely impossible for you to like Michelle. The two of you have known each other since you were young, and it is impossible for you to be together."

In fact, the main reason why Louisa trusted him was that she trusted him. What's more, she knew his physical condition. She said that just because she was still angry at him.

A hint of disappointment quickly flashed through Bruce's eyes. He felt a little sad and thought that Louisa did not love him as much as he thought.

"So that's the reason. In fact, no matter what is the reason, as long as you believe me." He glanced away and said lightly.

Though he felt a little upset, it was a good thing for him that Louisa believed him.

Louisa noticed the disappointment in Bruce's eyes. Louisa felt sorry for Bruce and wanted to explain to him. However, she was jealous about Bruce just now, so she resisted the urge to explain.

"Bruce, I want you to promise me one thing. Can you do it?" After a long time of silence, Louisa suddenly looked at Bruce and admitted.

She didn't want it to happen again, because she needed a sense of security. If it happened a lot, she was worried that she couldn't accept it.

Looking at the serious look on Louisa's face, Bruce became serious too. He hadn't seen her so serious for a long time.

"What is it? As long as I can do it, I will promise you." However, deep in his heart, Bruce had made up his mind that no matter what request she made, he would accept it.

He knew that she lacked a sense of security in this relationship. And he also knew how much pressure she was under when she with him. So he only wanted to protect her from any harm.

"Can you promise me that this won't happen again?" Looking at Bruce with a firm look, Louisa said lightly.

Since they were together, they had suffered too much. She

He didn't want to hurt her, so he tried to make her give up hope by distancing himself from her.

When Frank finished these words, he raised his head again to look at Ella. At this moment, her face had turned pale and the smile on her face froze.

She didn't expect that he would refuse her so decisively without even considering, which made her sad. She had already taken the initiative, but he was still indifferent.

"But why? I think I should be the most suitable person to join you. Frank, do you have any scruples about me so you ask someone else?" Turning to look at Frank, Ella kept comforting herself.

She knew that Frank didn't love her, but she just couldn't help herself. She just wanted to be with him.

The unremitting answer of Ella somewhat irritated Frank. He frowned and said, "there is no other reason. I just feel that someone is more suitable than you. If there is nothing else, you can go back first."

Frank said impatiently. He didn't look at Ella any more and his tone was also full of alienation. He didn't like her and would not be with her, so he would not give her any hope.

Originally, she wanted to say something more, but when she saw Frank's irritated expression, Ella could only swallow her words, but she was still very sad.

When she walked out of his room, she couldn't help but burst into tears. She didn't know why he was so indifferent to her. This time, she just wanted to dance for him, but she didn't expect him to refuse her request.

Looking at the closed door, Frank turned his head and stopped frowning. He knew that Ella must be very sad now, but he had to do this in order to let her give up.

He took up his phone from the piano and dialed a number. The melody was finished, so he needed a dancer urgently. He had already chosen a dancing partner in his heart, and if he hadn't picked one, he wouldn't have refused Ella so decisively just now.

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