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   Chapter 212 Get Shares

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10327

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The reason why Bruce took them out for dinner was that he wanted some time to have some more intimate moments with Louisa. Although he had hugged her all night, he was still not satisfied. He just wanted to hold her like this forever.

Bran gave Bruce a black look and left the room without another word.

"Why are we going out for dinner? Don't you need to take the results of the paternity test with Bran later?" After Bran left did Louisa disapprove.

She didn't know what was on Bruce's mind. She just felt that it was a little troublesome for him to do that.

Bruce hugged Louisa again and smelled her body scent for a long time. Then he said lazily, "I just want to stay with you for a longer time. We got along well yesterday and I am not happy enough."

The way Bruce talked to her amused her. Louisa didn't expect that the bossy Bruce could be so cute.

Thinking of what he had just said, Louisa's face was full of happiness, and the thought that they were truly in love made her heart full of sweetness.

They freshened up and took Bran to a restaurant near the hospital. After having a quick bite, Bruce told them to wait here and he went to get the results.

Bruce drove to the hospital. The director of the hospital had already been informed, so he had been waiting here. When he saw Bruce's car stop, he immediately wore a flattering smile on his face.

"Mr. Bruce, you are here. I have been waiting for you here for a long time." The director of the hospital asked with a big smile as soon as he saw Bruce get off the car.

Looking at his ingratiating look, Bruce just glanced at him indifferently and didn't have any favorable impression.

"Director, has my identification report come out?" What bothered Bruce most now was the paternity test report. As for other things, he didn't care at all.

Although he had already known that Bran was his biological son, he still hoped that he could see it from the report.

The dean was not enraged at Bruce's attitude to him, still trying to please him.

"Yes, Mr. Bruce. The report has come out. This is your paternity test report." He handed the material bag to Bruce and the director said with respect.

He had already read the report of the paternity test. Being a good observer, he had already noticed how much Bruce loved Bran on that day, so he hoped that Bruce would be satisfied with this report.

Taking over the material bag, Bruce quickly took out the materials from it. He only looked at the result of the last row of paternity test, and the result showed that the gene of the two was basically the same, basically belonged to the father son relationship.

After reading the test result, Bruce smiled happily. There was a hint of excitement in his deep eyes. That was exactly what he wanted to see.

After putting the test report back into the bag, Bruce happily turned around, got into his car and left. The dean of the hospital, who hadn't finished yet, stood still.

"Mom, why hasn't dad come back yet? It has been so long. " Bran, who had already finished his dinner,


Bruce was declaring the ownership of the shares in an overbearing manner. Bruce looked at Ken coldly. He knew that Ken was his biggest competitor, and now even Ken could do nothing to help him.

Looking at the report on the table, Ken's eyes grew cold. His hands on his legs clenched into fists. Because of the anger, his body was trembling slightly.

Ken didn't expect that Bruce could get the DNA test reports so soon. All Ken's efforts before were in vain.

Bruce looked coldly at Ken, who was burning with anger in his heart. There was a trace of provocation in Bruce's eyes. Ken was destined not to be Bruce's opponent.

In the face of Bruce's provocation, Ken calmed down instead. Bruce was deliberately trying to irritate him. In this case, Ken would not be taken in.

Ken glanced around and found Louisa sitting quietly next to Bruce. Ken's eyes sparkled with interest. Every time Ken saw her, he had a different feeling.

"Come on, Bruce. I'd like to make a toast to you. Congratulations on your twenty percent shares of the company." When Landon saw that her son had got the shares, she was even more happy. She quickly raised her goblet and said excitedly.

The reaction of his mother made Bruce withdraw his gaze and smile.

However, Bruce didn't clink glasses with his mother. Instead, he turned to Ken and said with provocation in his eyes, "how about this? Congratulations for my obtaining of the shares. Let's cheers together!"

He knew clearly that Ken was his strongest opponent, and that Ken was so angry that Ken wanted to kill him at the moment, but he still deliberately provoked Ken. He just wanted to see how enraged Ken was.

Ken was obsessed with Louisa. Sooner or later, Bruce would let Ken know who Louisa was and Louisa wouldn't be that easy to be seduced.

Trying hard to control his anger, Ken picked up the glass at hand and forced a smile. He raised the glass in his hand and drank the red wine in one gulp. Although he showed his real strength, the fury in his eyes could not be hid by anyone.

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