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   Chapter 208 Further Relationship

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10286

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As Bill had divorced Nora and gave all his love to Louisa, Louisa often took Bruce and Bran to visit him.

After all, no one could not feel the loneliness of living in an empty house alone.

This day was weekend, and Louisa took her husband and son to visit her father again. Now she just wanted her father to feel her care for him.

As soon as he opened the door, Bill saw the person coming in. Immediately, a kind smile played on his face. He was satisfied to see that her family of three often came to see him.

"Louisa. Come in." Bill invited them into the house. His face was full of happiness. He felt relieved and pleased that Louisa could forgive what happened before and still took him as her father.

"Grandfather, I come here again today. What are you going to cook?" What Bran cared about the most was food.

But no matter how much Bran ate, he still kept a good figure, which was quite like Bruce.

Seeing that Bran looked lovely, a loving smile appeared on Bill's face again. Recently, he found that Bran was very cute even though Bran was at the age of kid.

"What do you want to eat, Bran? I would ask the nanny to prepare." Bill's face was full of love for Bran. He touched Bran's hair and said with a smile.

Every time Bran came, he would ask Bill to prepare a large table of delicious food, which made the whole family helpless, and that was also the reason why Bran was willing to come to the grandfather's home every time.

"Bran, why do you always know how to eat? You can't eat so much greasy food in the future. Do you understand?" Every time Bran ate Cola Chicken wing or sweet and sour spareribs, Louisa was really worried that he would become a fat boy when he grew up.

Hearing that, Bran could not help but roll his eyes. It was not easy for him to come here to have a big meal, but he would not listen to Louisa.

There was a fancy dinner on the table. As long as Bran was there, there was no way he could miss the delicious food. Looking at the table full of dishes, Louisa shook her head with some helplessness. It seemed that her words did not work at all.

The table was full of Bran's favorite dishes. Before the dishes were all served, he started to devour them, completely ignoring others.

"Bran, we have grandpa here. How can you eat first?" Seeing that Bran was not polite at all, Louisa got a little angry.

Louisa blamed herself for spoiling him so much that she didn't know how to respect the elders at all.

Hearing that, Bran pursed his beautiful mouth, with his eyes full of tears, as if he felt wronged.

"All right. Bran is just a kid. You don't have to be so strict with him. He will understand these things after he grows up." Feeling a little sorry for Bran, Bill said in a hurry.

Hearing her father's words, Louisa didn't say anything more. She just glared at Bran before she started to eat.

Looking at Bran who was snickering, Bruce knew that Bran had pretended to be aggrieved. Bran was more mischievous than he thought.

Looking at Bran's lovely face, Bruce couldn't h

y mommy will never forgive you. If you don't believe me, you can have a try." Bran could see that Bruce really cared about Louisa. Bran had already seen it.

Bran had learnt Bruce's weakness, so Bruce wouldn't bully Bran anymore. If Bruce dared to threaten Bran like that again, Bran would complain to his mother about it. In this way, Bruce wouldn't dare to bully him again.

Everyone respected Bruce. However, the boy in front of him always tried to stir up trouble, and Bruce had the nerve to do nothing about it.

Seeing that Bruce was beaten again, Bran could not help but make a face at him, making a gesture with his scissor to show that Bruce was no match for him.

Facing the little guy's provocation, Bruce could only forcibly suppress his anger in his heart. After all, if Bruce really wanted to damage his image in front of Louisa, his previous efforts would be in vain.

Looking at the two of them, Louisa and her father couldn't help but smile. Watching them fight all day long, their life is really less boring.

The meal was over in a pleasant manner. After finishing it, Louisa went to help the nanny clean up the bowls and chopsticks. In the living room, Bruce and Bran were sitting on the sofa and watching cartoon.

Bruce wanted to watch the news, but Bran wanted to watch cartoon. Bruce had no choice but to compromise and watch cartoon with Bran. After all, Bran was Louisa's baby. If he wanted to win the heart of Louisa, he had to please Bran first.

They sat together watching cartoons. Bruce looked a little listless, while Bran was very interested. Sometimes Bran couldn't help laughing out loud when he saw the funny scene. Looking at such a childish Bran, Bruce put on a long face.

"Do you really like my mother?" After a long silence, Bran broke the silence. Now he spoke in a low voice that could only be heard by the two of them.

Looking at the serious look on Bran's face, Bruce couldn't help putting on a serious look too. Bruce didn't expect that such a little boy could understand so much.

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