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   Chapter 207 Taking The Bitter Pill

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10015

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They would be able to untie the knot in their family. The way Bill treated Louisa was no longer as cold as before. Now his eyes were full of father's love to her.

The family happily stood around the dining table. It was Louisa who forced Bill to stay and have a meal together.

Bruce had always been a clean freak and didn't like people to be present. But this time, he didn't refuse, which made Louisa more grateful to him.

"Dad, please don't take what happened today seriously. It's bad for your health." Seeing that Bill was still unhappy, Louisa couldn't help worrying about him and opened her mouth again.

She knew that it was a terrible blow to her father. But what she could do was to comfort him. She couldn't do anything else.

Hearing that, Bill was relieved, but how could he easily forget it? He had been cuckolded for more than twenty years.

"Louisa. Don't worry about me. I'll take care of myself." In order not to worry Louisa, Bill forced a smile and looked at her seriously.

Her father being able to adjust his mood so quickly made Louisa feel a lot more relieved. After all, only her father himself could solve the problem.

Having gracefully eaten the food, Bruce suddenly stopped eating and looked at Bill indifferently.

"Dad, what are you going to do next? Will you accept a slut who cuckolded you?" As Bill felt guilty to Louisa, so Bruce didn't care about his coldness to Bill before and called him father.

Although Bruce showed great respect to Bill, Bruce said the harsh words and didn't consider others' feelings at all.

Bruce's words made Bill frown again. Today's matter had probably become the knot in Bill's heart for a lifetime. Now that it was suddenly mentioned again by others, there must be a lot of dissatisfaction in his heart.

"Bruce, what's wrong with you? You have a bad tongue!" Stabbing Bruce with chopsticks, Louisa said with dissatisfaction.

Bruce could have said these words in a roundabout way, but he said it so directly, leaving no face for her father.

Looking at the agonizing look of Bruce, Bran suddenly laughed. It could be seen that Bran was in a good mood.

"Don't you know that he always talks in such a direct way!" Bran shrugged his shoulders and said with a knowing face.

Hearing that, Louisa felt ridiculous. She wanted to laugh out, but she refrained herself because she was still worried about her father.

After a moment of silence, Bill sighed somewhat helplessly. He knew that he couldn't escape from this matter and he didn't want to see that bitch any more.

"I will divorce her after I go back. How can such a dissolute woman be around me?" When Bill knew that Nora had affairs with other men, he had made up his mind, but he didn't say it out loud.

Bill's decision seemed to have been expected by everyone. As a person who knew her father very well, Louisa knew that her father would never allow any betrayal, and he was also very angry about what Nora had done.

n million?" Bill accepted it gladly because he had made up his mind not to give her any money.

She had ruined his self-esteem as a man. He was already very gracious for him not to settle accounts with her. How could she have the face to ask him for money?

"Bill, what's wrong with us now? I tell you, if you don't give me money, I won't divorce you. I think you don't want to see me every day, right?"

She took advantage of Bill's weakness, knowing that he didn't want to see her in his whole life, so he would never refuse her.

But she was wrong this time. She had completely irritated Bill this time. How could he satisfy her request? If it was not for his dignity, he would not let her go.

"Really? I won't force you to divorce me if you insist. But don't blame me for being ruthless then." Bill talked in a cold voice, and he ignored the shocked Nora.

He cast a cold glance at Nora and then went upstairs. It was the first time that Nora felt his husband so terrible since she had been married him for more than twenty years.

On second thought, Nora was still afraid that he would make troubles for her. She thought she'd better protect herself well.

After a quick signature of the divorce agreement, she sneaked out of the room while Bill was sleeping.

When Bill woke up in the morning, he saw the divorce agreement on the tea table in the living room.

He looked coldly at the name of Nora and felt less angry. She was wise. After all, he didn't want to make this a big deal.

If this matter spread to the whole company and everyone knew that he had been cuckolded, how could a dignified boss lift his head in front of the employees.

It's the best way to get it settled in this way. From now on, he would have nothing to do with Nora, Bill swore to himself.

Bill called his secretary and asked him to go through the divorce procedure. He was going to visit Louisa and his grandson. What he wanted to do now was to make up for his neglect of Louisa.

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