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   Chapter 204 I Beg You

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10084

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The family of three spent every day in the competition of love between Bran and Bruce. Although they had lots of tricks every day, Louisa feel like home. They just felt like a family of three, that they were living a happy life.

"It's time for breakfast. You two stop playing. Hurry up and have your breakfast." After Louisa placed their breakfast on the table, she looked at Bran and Bruce who were still playing games and said helplessly.

She got up early to prepare breakfast, but they did not give her any help, but played games all the time. According to Bran, whether in real life or online games, he must defeat Bruce.

"Coming!" Bran pressed the pause button, stood up and walked quickly towards the table, without paying any attention to Bruce.

Looking at her lovely baby son, Louisa's beautiful little face was full of smile, and her eyes were full of love.

"Wow, Mommy prepared such a sumptuous breakfast!" Bran couldn't help but get excited when he saw the breakfast on the table.

After finishing his words, he immediately stood on his tiptoe and quickly kissed Louisa on her face. Then he sat down on a chair, ready to eat breakfast.

Bran's habitual action and praise made her smile even brighter, and Louisa's mood also became very good at the moment.

Just now, Bruce happened to see Bran's kissing. Bruce was jealous again.

"You brat, what were you doing? Don't you know that your mother is my wife now?" Bruce went to Bran angrily and said somewhat domineeringly.

Although Bruce knew they were mother and son, he still couldn't help feeling annoyed. He was the one who should take care of their intimate actions. When did the action become the little boy's turn to do?

Bruce's anger didn't bother Bran at all. He just rolled his eyes at Bruce disdainfully and then lowered his head again to eat breakfast.

"Okay, okay. Bran is still a kid. Don't waste your time on him. Just have your breakfast first," As for the tit for tat between the two of them, Louisa had already got used to it.

Hearing that, Bruce didn't want to pursue the matter any more. If he blamed Bran again, it would seem that he bully Bran in the big way, which made him bullied Bran, but Bruce had to restrain his anger.

"Father, don't forget that this woman is my mother. What's wrong if I kiss her? We have slept in the same bed for years." Bruce suppressed his anger finally and Bran uttered the words that made him angry again.

The relieved look on Bruce's face started to burn with anger again. Louisa was so annoyed that she even didn't know what Bruce would do to Bran next.

"You brat, go back to your own bedroom and sleep. If you sleep with your mother again at night, I won't let go of you!" Bruce said these words in a threatening tone.

An ordinary kid would say yes to his father's request obediently, but he was facing Bran, the gifted boy and the son of Bruce. How could Bran say yes to his father's request?

Just when Bran was about to say no, the doorbe

al injury. Why should I help her clarify it? I am the one who was hurt this time?" Trying to hold back the tears in her eyes, Louisa looked at her father sadly.

At the moment, her heart could not be described as heartache. Why didn't he say anything concerning about Justina since her father had always cared about Justina most instead of her.

That sent a chill to Louisa's heart. She could no longer hold a sliver of hope from her father.

"Louisa. I know it's Justina's fault, but she was too impulsive to do it on purpose. Besides, she is your sister. Do you really want to see her in jail?"

Bill knew his ask was going too far. But Bill couldn't allow Justina to be treated like this.

Hearing her father's words, Louisa just smiled bitterly. How ridiculous it was to say sister. If Justina really took her as her sister, how could Justina do so many things to hurt her.

Hearing that Louisa didn't say yes, Nora also lost her temper. She walked up to Louisa and said anxiously.

"Louisa. Anyway, Justina is your sister. For the sake of your father, please save your sister, OK?" Since Justina was the only daughter of Nora, she was very worried about Justina.

Nora had never lowered her head in front of Louisa before, but this time she had to do it for her daughter.

Nora hated Louisa very much. But her dear daughter was locked up in jail now. If Louisa didn't explain the whole thing to the police, Justina might be in jail for a long time.

Seeing that her stepmother was pleading for her, Louisa couldn't help but remember how harsh Nora had been to her before. Louisa sneered.

"Father, the first thing you said when you came in is to ask me to clarify for Justina. You never said a word of concern about me. I was stabbed by her. Aren't you worried about my health at all?" Not answering her father's question, Louisa looked at her father and said sadly.

How much Louisa hoped that the first one Bill had been waiting for would be her, even just a word of concern.

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