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   Chapter 202 The Trouble

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9311

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The innocent look on Bran's face was really heartbreaking to refuse him. So director Zhang who was still stirred up by Bruce's words nodded his head unconsciously.

Director Zhang didn't realize what he did until he noticed the look on Bruce's face.

He couldn't help but turn around and wiped the sweat from his forehead. 'Who the hell is the little boy? Why did he treat me like this?

He knew that Bruce must be very angry just now. He was able to see that his future was full of darkness.

But Bran didn't care about his thoughts at all. When Bran saw director Zhang nodding his head unconsciously, Bran showed an evil smile to Louisa and said, "Mom, as you see, this uncle thinks so. Let's go back. I think we need to take further consideration on this matter. We can't make such a rush decision. "

What Bran said really made Bruce want to spit blood, but at the same time, he was annoyed by himself in his heart. Why did he offend this little God? Bruce still couldn't figure out how he had offended Bran.

"Bran, I don't care why you are in a quarrel here. Let's go home first. We have something important to deal with now. "

No matter what, Bruce was going to get married today. No one could stop him. So how could he watch Bran making trouble here without doing anything? He looked at Bran seriously.

Bruce said. He had completely taken Bran as an adult, and now he said that to Bran from a fair negotiation point of view.

Bran curled his lips with contempt. Then he said with an unconvinced face, "the woman I have raised for years is about to be taken away by you. Can't you just allow me to say something?"

In fact, Bran was still angry about what happened just now. He thought that Bruce was a very excellent man. There must be a lot of women outside thinking about him. Louisa was so silly, and Bran suddenly wasn't sure if she was able to manipulate Bruce.

Since then, Bran had been at odds with them. From the bottom of Bran's heart, he didn't want Louisa to make such a rash decision. For the happiness of Louisa, Bran decided to give up his love.

Hearing what Bran said, director Zhang got into a terrible trouble. Was the world changing too fast, or was he no longer able to keep up with the pace of the world.

Why was he so confused with what they said.

But now he realized one thing that Bran was the son of Bruce. And that beautiful woman was Bran's mother. Now, Bruce came here to marry her.

When he realized this, director Zhang couldn't help but be more shocked.

Curious, director Zhang turned to look at Louisa. Now he was curious about how capable this woman was. She made Bruce be obedient to her and even want to marry her just for her sake.

A few days ago, it was said that Bruce had no feelings. He wou

Bran's bright eyes. He was so jealous just now that he forgot that Louisa hadn't fully recovered.

"Bran is still young. Don't talk to him so seriously. I'm going to cook for him now," She released Bruce's hand and was about to stand up, but was stopped by him again.

Louisa got hurt in order to save him. How could he bear to see her cooking like this.

"I'm not hungry now. I'm going to sleep. Mom, would you like to sleep with me? I'm afraid of being alone in a strange room." In fact, Bran was also worried about Louisa's physical condition, but he forgot it just now because he was angry.

But Bran wouldn't admit defeat just because of such a little blow. He wanted Bruce to know that he was the one that Louisa cared about most in her heart.

As soon as Bran said that, Bruce glared at him with murderous gaze, which made him under great pressure.

Bran, however, didn't mind the way Bruce looked at him. He just wanted to see Bruce being defeated and see how Bruce would compete with him for his mom's love.

"Since Bran is afraid, Mommy will sleep with you." She didn't doubt the authenticity of Bran's words. Indeed, he had the habit of admitting his own bed, so she didn't doubt Bran's words at all.

Louisa's answer made Bran clap his hands, joyfully. He quickly walked to Louisa and helped her walk towards the bedroom.

Fury was burning in Bruce's eyes. He was glaring at the naughty Bran.

When they were about to enter the room, Bran suddenly turned his head and made a face at Bruce. But only Bruce could see it, and he didn't realize that Bran was deliberately making fun of him.

The family of three spent every day in the competition of love between Bran and Bruce. Although they had lots of tricks every day, Louisa felt like home. They just felt like a family of three, that they were living a happy life.

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