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   Chapter 201 Marriage Certificate

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Upon hearing this, Bruce looked at Louisa's hesitant face. Holding Louisa's hand, Bruce said to her sincerely, "I promise I will do the rest. You just need to trust me. Do you believe me? "

Looking at them, Bran said slowly, "Mommy, don't worry. Even if you don't believe him, you should believe me? Even if Mu family is a dangerous place, you'll be fine as long as I'm here. "

Previously, Bran wanted Louisa to leave Mu family, so he let someone to trap Louisa. Now that Bran knew how much Bruce liked Louisa and how much Louisa liked Bruce, how could Bran let others hurt Louisa.

Hearing what Bran said and looking at her with a look of expectation. All of a sudden, Louisa thought that maybe she was too cowardly. Now that she knew her feelings towards Bruce. Why didn't she give it a try?

Love was a matter between two people. She also wanted to do it for their love. In the expectation of Bruce and Bran, Louisa gently nodded her head.

Seeing that Louisa had nodded, Bruce breathed a sigh of relief. Bruce held Louisa in his arms and said, "thank you. Thank you very much."

Bruce didn't expect that Louisa agreed to marry him. Even if she didn't agree, he had considered to marry her. But it felt quite different from being forced.

Looking at the two persons who completely ignored him in front of him, Bran looked up at the sky, looking very gloomy.

"Well, there are still twenty minutes left. If you don't hurry up, they will go off work."

Looking at the watch on his hand, Bran had to remind them. Were people in love so reckless? He wouldn't even talk to them if Louisa hadn't been his mother.

After hearing Bran's words, Louisa blushed and tried to push Bruce away. However, Bruce hugged her even more tightly. Then, with a proud look on his face, he said to Bran, "even if they are off duty now, do you think it is impossible for me to let them come back?"

Looking at the proud and arrogant look of Bruce, Bran finally felt the bitterness of grievance for the first time. Bran didn't expect that Bruce would be so shameless. Well, Bruce really won.

However, Bruce couldn't wait to get the marriage license with Louisa now. So although he said so, he actually took her out of her seat and took her into the Bureau of civil affairs.

Standing behind them, Bran looked at Bruce in disdain, thinking that his father just said that in such a domineering way. He was coward now, but at the thought of himself being ignored by them again and again.

Bran could not help but feel speechless. He knew clearly that he had been rejected.

Bruce hugged Louisa entered the Bureau of civil affairs, many people stared at them. They looked like a perfect couple. But their postures were enough to catch the public's attention.

"Bruce, please put me down. Everyone is looking at us. Please put me down. I can walk by myself. "

Louisa would be embarrassed if others

d like to have lunch with me. "

In fact, Bruce thought that now he needed the help of director Zhang, so he should be polite to him. Bruce treated him impolitely before because he always thought that he would not deal with people like them.

Now it seemed that he should not be flurried too early, because it might change at any time. Now even though Bruce knew it well, he didn't need to fawn on anyone, because as long as he wanted, others would come to him.

The director Zhang seemed very flattered and said to Bruce, "Mr. Bruce, you are too polite. Of course I'm glad to have this honor. "

"As a matter of fact, I come here to ask you for help. This time I came here to apply for a marriage certificate. I would appreciate your help. "

Bruce didn't want to talk to Director Zhang anymore. He really couldn't wait to get married with Louisa. Mr. Bruce felt uneasy without that marriage certificate.

"Mr. Bruce, you mean you are here to apply for a marriage certificate? But the marriage certificate need to be handled in person. " Director Zhang was shocked to hear what Bruce said.

Because he didn't take Bruce into consideration. He thought Bruce would get the marriage certificate for others.

But he couldn't figure out who was so influential that Bruce was willing to help.

"Don't I look like a married man? Or do you think I look like a person who can help others do such things? "

On hearing director Zhang's words, Bruce's face turned pale. Bruce's voice turned cold and even the air around him was depressed. Director Zhang was in no mood to deal with this matter, because Bruce's words were really surprising.

Director Zhang looked at Bruce in disbelief and remained silent for a long time.

It was not until Bran reached out his hands and dragged director Zhang's clothes that he looked up at director Zhang and said, "Uncle, you also think that what my father said is not reliable, right?"

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