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   Chapter 200 Being Sold

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Hearing what Bruce said, the smile at the corners of Louisa's mouth was a little unbearable. Thinking of the moment when Ken left the ward just now, Louisa could not help but have a lingering fear.

"Louisa, what's wrong with you? Are you blaming me for dragging you into this? " In fact, what Bruce feared most was that Louisa would blame him for dragging them into this. And that was the reason why Bruce dared not tell Louisa in advance.

So now looking at Louisa's pale face, Bruce asked worriedly.

After hearing what Bruce said, Louisa looked at him in confusion. At last, when Louisa saw the nervous look on Bruce's face, Louisa sighed helplessly and said, "how can I blame you? This is not what you want. I just want to say that Ken came here just now, but I don't think Bran was kidnapped by him. "

The tiny gratitude she had given to Ken disappeared now. What remained was confusion. Louisa wondered why Ken kidnapped Bran.

Thinking of this, she asked Bruce, "then why did he kidnap Bran?"

Louisa hasn't figured out the reason, so after listening to it, Bruce was finally relieved. He didn't tell Louisa, but Bruce was worried about her.

Because he knew clearly that it was just impossible to keep the fire from burning, and sooner or later Louisa would know it. Bruce was worried that Louisa would blame him for that.

Bruce was in a good mood because he knew that Louisa didn't blame him.

Now that Bruce had known the answer to Louisa's question, Bruce sincerely explained to her, "in fact, it's my fault. I didn't handle the issue between us properly. You and Bran are involved in this matter. Didn't you ask me about that last time? You said I wanted to be with you because of the shares given by Ben to you? "

Speaking of what happened last time, Bruce was keeping an close watch on Louisa's face.

Even though Louisa's face was darkened with displeasure, Bruce continued, "in fact, I wanted to tell you that I and Ken had been competing for the remaining 20% of the shares of our company. When my father passed away, the one who has a baby first can get 20% shares of the company. "

It was the first time that Bruce had talked to a outsider of Mu family. He had gone through a lot of things, and now he understood something. 'That is, we need not only love each other, but we also need managed love.'

No matter what would happen in the future, he would tell Louisa everything since this time. Only in this way could they avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and continue their relationship for a longer time.

After hearing what Bruce had said, Rod's words did come to Louisa's mind. This was not just a coincidence. It was repeated twice by Rod.

But just

she had kept an ungrateful son for so many years. Damn it! Bran was on the same line as Bruce.

"No, you're wrong. You didn't get injured for saving me. You got injured because of Bruce, so I'm helping you now. Since you are hurt because of him, you should let him take care of you. You live in his house, use his bank cards, and beat his children at last. Of course, he is not pregnant yet. "

Bran, who followed them behind, refuted to Louisa with an expression of disagreement on his face.

Hearing what Bran said, Louisa almost vomited a mouthful of blood. Where did he learn it.

Bruce smiled and looked at Louisa. Then he heard Bran's words and said, "he is right. We should try harder on our children. When he is born, you can do whatever you like to beat or scold him. "

Bruce held Louisa carefully in case he would touch her wound when she struggled. However, after hearing what Bruce said, Louisa finally knew from whom Bran was sharp tongued.

"Bran, you bastard. Bruce, you rascal! " Louisa shouted at them and then ignored them. Because no matter what she said, they didn't care. On the contrary, Bruce molested her.

Upon hearing Louisa's words, Bruce glared at her. "Yes, you're right. We are all bastards. We are family. It seems that we are destined to get married. "

With these words, Bruce put Louisa in the car. Bran didn't need any help, and he climbed into the car by himself.

He decided to go with his mother, for it was his mother's lifetime event.

"Bruce, do you really have to do this? There are still many problems between us. Even if we get the marriage certificate, those problems still exist. "

All of a sudden, Louisa asked Bruce with a gloomy face. Now she was still very nervous in her heart. After all, it was marriage, not just playing around.

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