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   Chapter 198 Eruption

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"Don't make fun of me. You're the same. Every time you see Bruce, you are so happy that you even don't admit that you like him. "

Teased by Louisa, Susie did not feel shy at all. Because they knew each other so well that she did not need to be shy anymore.

What they were doing was quite harmonious. On the other side, after coming out of the hospital, Bruce directly got on the car heading to the company.

"Mr. Bruce, the board members of the company are in the meeting room now. They said that if you don't show up, they will immediately remove your position as president. And the current situation is very unfavorable to us, because they suspect that Bran was dragged by you. "

Bobby dutifully reported the current situation to Bruce after he got in the car. Because of this, Bobby couldn't care less and came to the hospital in a hurry.

"These old men over confident. Do they really think that they can drive me out of the company in this way? How's the material I asked you to prepare? "

A disdainful smile appeared on Bruce's face after he heard Bobby's report. It was not easy to get him out now. They had thought that he had worked in the company for so many years and he really had done nothing?

"Everything is ready. Are you going to use it now, boss?" Bobby didn't know why Bruce asked this question and why he asked this question at this moment.

However, as a qualified secretary, Bobby didn't ask anything but answered respectfully.

"Good. It's time to have those dirty people arrested from the company." After that, Bruce shut his mouth and began to rest his mind.

It had to be said that Bruce had been very tired these days. Last night, he didn't have a good rest because he was still worried about Louisa.

Now that he knew that both Bran and Louisa were fine, Bruce could finally have a good sleep. Bobby also noticed the dark circles under Bruce's eyes and Bobby stopped talking.

Bobby knew that Bruce hadn't had a good rest for a long time. There would be another fierce battle to be fought, so what Bruce needed to do was to have a good rest.

After half an hour, the car stopped in front of Mu's Group. Just then, Bruce also opened his eyes and asked Bobby, "have we arrived?"

After resting for a while just now, he felt much better now. Maybe it was because Bruce just woke up, so he was still in a daze.

Bobby nodded and replied, "yes, Mr. Bruce we have arrived. Do you want to go upstairs with me or?"

Bobby didn't know what Bruce was going to do, but Bobby was worried that Bruce couldn't handle the meeting because Bruce's tiredness on his face.

It was not because he didn't believe in Bruce's ability, but it was just that the board members of their company were too unreasonable.

"Go upstairs." Bruce knew that Bobby was worried about him, but he had to face it. If he didn't sh

unwillingness, Billy turned around and left Ken's office.

Seeing the moment Billy left, Ken knew that he had failed, completely defeated. Maybe others didn't know what was on his mind, but Bruce did.

That's why Ken asked Billy to wait for Bruce in his office. But Ken overestimated Billy anyway. Billy would not fight with Bruce for him.

Thinking of this, Ken smiled with a self mockery. He had been used to it.

From childhood, no matter what happened, the one who won at last was Bruce. The reason why Ken went against Bruce was not that he coveted the Mu family's wealth. All he wanted to do was to prove that he was as excellent as Bruce.

"What do you want me to do?" Ken came straight to the point. He had changed his mind. Winning or losing didn't matter anymore. For so many years, he had never been as relaxed as now.

"That's the evidence of your kidnapping of Bran. Kidnapping means going to jail. But since you are my brother, I don't want mom to be too sad. So you can leave the company by yourself. This is not too much, is it? "

After hearing Ken's words, Bruce took a folder from Bobby and put it in front of Ken. Then Bruce spoke out his request directly, because he knew it was not too much at all.

After hearing Bruce's words, Ken looked at the photos on the table and smiled. Then Ken nodded to Bruce. Bruce was right. It was too good for him.

Now that Bruce didn't get even with him, he had nothing to worry about. Now Ken was free. He had never felt so relaxed before.

"Well, now I'm going to solve those old guys on the board of directors. Would you like to follow me?"

After hearing Ken's affirmative answer, Bruce turned around and walked out while shouting at Ken.

"No, thanks. I am not a member of this company anymore."

What's the point of him going now? Even if he didn't show up, Bruce still had the ability to handle those board members.

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