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   Chapter 196 Waking Up

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9805

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When Louisa woke up in the morning, she felt that she really slept for a long time. Smelling the disgusting smell, Louisa knew that she must be in the hospital. It was like a movie during her coma. This scene came to her mind before Louisa lost consciousness.

"Bran!" Thinking of Bran being kidnapped, Louisa sat up on her bed. As Louisa's wound was open because of her sudden movement, she didn't sit up but huddled herself on the bed.

Bruce was awakened by Louisa's sudden move. He looked at her nervously and asked, "Louisa, you're awake? Is there anything wrong with you? "

How could he have fallen asleep? If something really happened to Louisa, he would regret for it.

"Bruce, where is Bran?" Upon hearing Bruce's voice, Louisa anxiously grabbed his hand and asked.

Now she was really worried about Bran. Before she fell into a coma, Bran had been brought out by them. Now that Louisa didn't see Bran, Louisa became so nervous.

"Bran is very good now. He has gone back home. I've asked them to go home and have a rest. Bran has been through a lot, and he just a kid that he must be scared. Don't worry. Are you sick? Do you need me to call a doctor for you? "

Looking at the panic on Louisa's face, Bruce hurriedly told her. And Bruce's heart ached when he saw the miserable look on Louisa's face.

Supported by the arms of Louisa, he asked worriedly, hoping he could take the place of Louisa and replace her to feel the pain. Even though it was still a pain to Louisa's body, but it hurt to Bruce's heart.

Louisa's wound was really painful, but looking at Bruce's anxious face, she didn't want him to continue to worry about her. She tried to endure the pain and said to Bruce, "I'm fine. Please let me have a rest first."

Looking at the pale look of Louisa, Bruce knew that she was not telling the truth. But since Louisa didn't want to see a doctor, he would not go against her will.

"Well, you take a rest here now. Are you hungry? I'll make you something to eat." After putting Louisa on the bed, Bruce gently rubbed her hair and reminded her.

In fact, he wanted to go to the doctor to ask him about the condition of Louisa. But he didn't want her to know, so he didn't tell her.

After hearing Bruce's words, Louisa looked up at Bruce instinctively. But Bruce was looking at her affectionately, which made Louisa almost indulge in. She was still in a daze and nodded. Then, Bruce turned around and left.

Louisa was utterly infatuated with him just now. But she had to admit that Bruce was really handsome, especially when he was smiling at her.

After coming out of the ward, Bruce stopped smiling immediately. He took out his phone with a cold face and dialed Bobby's number.

Every time when the phone was connected and before Bruce could say anything, Bobby spoke first, "Mr. Bruce, we have almost figured out the whole thing. It was our vice president Ken who kidnapped

uestion. Bruce was fine just now, but when he knew that the doctor treated the wound, his face changed.

"So what? If he was not a doctor, I would have already disabled him. " So Bruce admitted frankly. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, he is only jealous about Louisa.

"You are so adorable now, Bruce. It was the nurse who cleaned my wounds just now. So you've mistaken the doctor. "

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa explained with a smile. If she didn't make it clear to the doctor, Bruce would have been hard on the doctor. If she couldn't get out of the hospital in a short time, the doctor must be innocent.

"So what? Who says women don't have an improper desire for you? Now women also need to be cautious. "

Hearing that, the expression on Bruce's face froze. But Bruce wouldn't admit that he had wronged the doctor.

After listening to Bruce's words, Louisa couldn't help but feel speechless. Before Louisa could say anything else, Bran and Susie pushed the door open and came in.

Seeing Bran come in, Louisa was so excited that she almost sat up at once. Luckily, Bruce held her down on the bed. So Louisa shouted to Bran, "Bran, here you are. Come here. I want to see you. "

Hearing that, Bran jumped onto her bed and said, "Mom, you wake up. You know what? You are almost frighten me to death! You can't do this again! Otherwise, I will never see you again! "

Thinking of the scene that Louisa was covered in blood in front of him, Bran really didn't know if he could accept it. That was the first thing that Bran said when he saw that Louisa woke up in a coma.

After hearing what Bran said, Louisa didn't care that Bruce was still holding her. All of a sudden, she sat up and held Bran in her arms. Bran was worried about her, so was she.

Holding Bran in her arms, Louisa said to him, "Okay, it won't happen again. Bran, I won't let you worry about me any more, so please don't let me worry too much. "

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