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   Chapter 191 I Am Glad You Are Back

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9863

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Maybe the one who had been bewitched by Bran was really so childish that he even shook his head. Looking at his reaction, Bran almost laughed out. This man was really stupid and hopeless.

Bran wouldn't believe a word so childish, and this man believed it. It was so funny, but Bran still acted innocent, which made people can't help but doubt his words.

"Why should I talk to you. When my boss left just now, he asked me not to talk to you anymore. "

All of a sudden, that man looked at Bran in shock as if he just remembered what had happened. While saying that, he looked at Bran in a defensive manner, as if Bran was a danger.

Looking at that man, Bran could not help but feel headache, wondering why he was always so smart at critical moments. Bran was about to succeed, but suddenly he remembered what his boss had told him.

"The reason why your boss said so is that he misunderstood me. We have explained everything just now, haven't we? So your boss has already broken his words. Besides, I can't do anything to you even if I just say something. "

No matter how depressed Bran was, he still needed to fool that man. So Bran pretended to look at that man sincerely as if he knew what that man was going to say.

Looking at the sincere expression on Bran's face, that man thought that what Bran said was reasonable. He also felt that their boss was really too careful. Bran was only a child, but what could Bran do to him, an adult.

The man didn't know what is coaxing until he figured it out, he had no time to cry.

"What you said sounds reasonable. Let's have a chat. I'm so sleepy. What will they do to you? Why do they keep you here? "

Several days had passed, but they were still here to take care of the child. Those men had their underwears exposed when they sent Bran here, and they had disappeared into thin air now.

If something happened to them, both of them would be out of luck. Thinking of this, the man looked terrible. He suddenly had a bad feeling.

"Do you know why they kidnapped me?" All of a sudden, Bran looked at the man and asked mysteriously. Curiosity killed the cat. Bran believed that the one who was curious about the incident could find a way to deal with him.

After hearing what Bran said, the man asked Bran curiously, "for what?"

In fact, he had been curious about this for a long time. He asked his boss several times but his boss didn't answer. But now it seemed that Bran had a secret.

'Is there really another story behind it? If so, what are those people up to?'

Looking at the man who looked like a gossiper, Bran asked with a smile, "do you know who I am?"

After hearing what Bran said, that man shook his head. He really didn't know what kind of person Bran was. In his heart, Bran was nothing more than the son of some rich man.

They kidnapped Bran just for money. Now Bran's question totally confused that man.

That man shook his head. Bran lo

ed Louisa mouth. He explained to Louisa. It was definitely not a good thing for them if they were alerted.

It was not until Louisa heard Bruce's words that she realized that she had been really careless just now. So she nodded at Bruce and told him she had known it.

"Let's go quietly and bring Bran out. Why do I look at Bran a little strange? " Bruce frowned and looked at Bran. He felt that Bran had been going around there all the time.

Of course, even Louisa found it. Looking at Bran's act, she could not help but said to Bruce with a black face, "Bran is terrible with directions."

The only bad thing about Bran was that he had no sense of direction. Bran could never remember the way he walked, so he kept beating around the bush.

Hearing that, Bruce was shocked. He turned around and looked at Louisa. If it were not in the wrong place, Bruce would have laughed out loud.

Looking at the depression on Louisa's face, he never thought that Bran would be terrible with directions.

As expected, everyone was not perfect. Bran was so smart in other ways that he was even terrible with directions. After a long while, Bruce still looked surprised.

Louisa knew what was on Bruce's mind just by looking at his face. She didn't believe it either.

After several trials, Louisa finally believed it. That's why Bran never told others that he was terrible with directions.

Bran's noble and powerful image was not in line with his terrible direction-sense, so few people knew that he was terrible with directions.

"No more doubt. Bran is indeed terrible with directions." Louisa couldn't help but ask Bruce for confirmation. Bruce looked so unbelievable. She wanted to laugh, too.

On the other side, Bran looked gloomily at the road ahead. He had clearly remembered this road, but why did he come back here again.

He had remembered the road clearly before. It seemed that road blind was also a disease and needed to be treated.

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