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   Chapter 190 Do You Have Any News

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Suddenly, Michelle burst into laughter and said, "hahaha! I set a trap, but I didn't expect that I still couldn't catch up with Louisa. Even if I win, so what? I lost Bruce. "

Looking at the crazy look on Michelle's face, Ken knew that it must be a big blow to her. However, Ken was not in the mood to comfort her at the moment. After taking a cold glance at her, he turned around and left.

After Ken walked out of the room, the previous man quickly followed him. He also called Bobby and asked him to investigate the people in Ken's room.

However, he followed Ken closely behind. If he wanted to find some clues, he must follow Ken.

Bobby didn't dare to hesitate any longer after he received the phone call. Bobby immediately asked someone to check that room. When he knew it was Michelle, he was not surprised at all.

He had seen many love hate jokes, so he didn't think it was a big deal to add a Michelle.

But after all, this was their CEO's business, he needed to report it to their CEO. Bobby immediately called Bruce. His phone was answered after a while.

"What is it?" Soon, Bruce deliberately lowered his voice.

"Mr. Bruce, Ken just met with Michelle. They seemed to be in some kind of partnership. What should we do now? "

Bobby knew that his boss was in a special situation, so he made this long story short. He believed that their CEO could understand what he meant, so he smiled.

With these words, Bruce carefully looked at the person on the bed and saw that Louisa was not awakened by him. Then, he felt relieved and ordered Bobby, "I got it. Now, you don't have to worry about this. Continue sending people to follow Ken. I don't believe that he won't give himself away. And don't call me except for news about Bran. "

Just now, Louisa wasn't willing to have a rest. It took Bruce a lot of time and energy to make Louisa fall asleep. However, he didn't expect that Bobby would call him at this time. He had thought that they would wake up Louisa.

But now when Bruce saw that Louisa was still sleeping, he felt relieved, but he couldn't help but feel sorry for her. She must be very tired.

"Yes, sir." Although Bobby felt that it was not appropriate for Bruce to do so, after all, it was his order, so Bobby obediently agreed.

After hanging up the phone, Bruce turned around and found that Louisa was looking at him with her eyes open. Bruce was shocked. When he realized what just happened, he gently asked, "why don't you sleep a little longer?"

Hearing Bruce's voice, Louisa sat up on the bed. She looked confused and asked, "who called you just now?"

Just now, Louisa seemed to see that Bruce was calling. Did Bruce get any news about Bran?

"Bobby is calling me for the company affairs. Why don't you get up and eat something, then go to sleep for a while? "

Bruce knew that he must have called to wake up Louisa, so he

ke that. Mom said that this kind of person was all weird uncle and I had to tell the police."

Now Bran had to figure out a way to go out. Several days had passed, and it must be very anxious to Louisa. Moreover, Bran heard that Bruce came to snatch brides before he left. He didn't know how the situation was now.

But Bran had no chance to leave when they were looking at him like that.

After listening to Bran's words, the more stupid kidnapper looked at Bran in horror and stammered, "you... You... You will disappear. If our boss hadn't threatened you last time, you would have been ran away. "

He got angry when he thought of what happened last time. He didn't expect that Bran, a six-year-old kid, would be so smart. He was almost cheated by Bran's appearance, and Bran almost ran away from him.

Speaking of what happened last time, Bran was depressed. He had escaped already. But who knew that he didn't know the way, so he took a detour. What's more, their so-called boss saw it. Now it was all his credit.

"I have told you hundreds of times. I just saw you fall asleep and go to the bathroom. If I really want to run away, do you think I'm so stupid to leave far away and wait here for your boss to catch me? "

Bran looked at the kidnapper in front of him, speechless. If Bran wanted to get out of here, Bran had to make use of him.

After hearing Bran's words, the stupid kidnapper looked at Bran with doubt and asked, "are you telling the truth?"

Although he still didn't completely believe what Bran had said, he was a little bit convinced by Bran. Bran knew that he would be able to make the stupid kidnapper believe what he said as long as he tried hard.

So Bran went on, "of course it's true. Mom told me if I lied, I will have an elephant nose. Do I look like an elephant now? "

While saying, Bran put his face in front of that man, making the stupid kidnapper looked at him clearly.

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