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   Chapter 188 Be Saved

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After listening to Ken's words, Bobby gave a proper smile and replied in a slow and slow manner, "of course I have no objection to the decision of the vice president. But I was entrusted by the president, so I have to listen to your meeting here. If you have any decision, the people in our CEO Office will cooperate with you. "

Bobby didn't know what else to say since Ken had spoken. However, Bobby had made up his mind to live here. Now he had moved out Bruce, so it was impossible for those men to kick him out.

Hearing Bobby's words, those men got flustered. But in consideration of Bobby's persuading them in the name of Bruce, they couldn't throw Bobby out even if they were really angry with him.

"Since Mr. Bobby has said that, let's continue our work. I think we need to let CEO office know about this. Otherwise, we need to inform them. "

Ken took a meaningful look at Bobby and then announced. Now that Bobby wanted to listen to them, Bobby would listen to him carefully. Anyway, Bobby had to know something sooner or later.

After hearing Ken's words, Mr. Wang, the senior leader of the board, stood up first. He wore a fawning face and said to ken, "yes, yes. Mr. Ken is right. Now Mr. Ken has to make a decision as soon as possible. We can't let people continue to deceive our company like this any more. If Bruce really gets what he wants, we would be sorry for our old chairman. "

Bobby kept this in mind as Mr. Wang showed up. Mr. Wang had been unsatisfied with their CEO for a long time. It was natural for him to seize this opportunity to kick Mr. Wang out of the company.

"Now that you said our CEO cheated you, then I want to ask if you could tell me how our CEO deceived you."

Bobby asked blandly. Now Bobby's purpose was to prevent them from making any decision, so he kept on interrupting their conversation.

"Mr. Bobby, do you still want to lie to us? If we don't have the evidence, do you think we will still rashly call the board of directors? So I advise you to stop your meaningless struggle and stop making trouble. "

Mr. Wang, who was interrupted, looked at Bobby unhappily. He was unhappy that Bobby interrupted him. Sure enough, Bobby worked for Bruce. He were just as annoying as Bruce.

"As the secretary of the president, I'm now on behalf of the president to attend the board. Even if I am the most annoyed, I still have the right to explain. I don't understand now. Why can't I ask? "

Bobby knew that Mr. Wang must be very angry now. Bobby knew that his plan was half successful. Although he was very happy, he still didn't show it on his face.

"Mr. Bobby is right. Now he has the chance to find out the truth. We can't just believe a piece of blank paper. Hebe, hand Mr. Bobby the evidence just now. I'd like to hear how Mr. Bobby will expla

r to find a reliable person not to let Ken detect. And tell me where he is. "

With that, Bruce hung up the phone, his face livid with rage. If it was Ken who had done it, he didn't need to go easy on him.

Bruce didn't get angry with Ken who had been against him all these years, but this time Ken had gone too far.

"Yes, Mr. Bruce. I'll do it right away." Bobby happily promised after he heard Bruce's words. How could he not be excited. But Bruce didn't give Bobby a chance to express his excitement and hung up the phone directly.

"What's wrong?" Bruce looked pale after hanging up the phone. Louisa asked with concern.

"Nothing, it's just business. Have a good rest first. Tomorrow I'll take you to see Bran, okay? "

Louisa hadn't rested for days like this. Now she looked haggard. She said she needed to take good care of herself before. If Bran saw how Louisa looked now, he would definitely yell at her.

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa said with a look of helplessness on her face, "but I really can't fall asleep. As soon as I close my eyes, I think of Bran. In current situation. I feel very uncomfortable. How can I fall asleep? "

How could she take a rest before she found Bran? Hearing that, Bruce sighed. Although he tried to persuade Louisa, he couldn't fall asleep either.

Bobby was just guessing now, so Bruce couldn't tell Louisa before he got the certain information. He didn't want to have a party with them. In that case, he might as well not tell Louisa.

As the saying goes, the higher the hope is, the more disappointment will be. So Bruce was suffering.

When Bran woke up, he was not in his room anymore. Some time ago, someone broke into his room and made him in a coma.

Bran tried to open his eyes, but still couldn't see anything. The ward was too dark. No matter how hard he tried, he still couldn't see anything.

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