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   Chapter 187 Rumor

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After hearing what Landon said, Bruce couldn't help but frown. Now that Frank had cancelled the wedding, it was not necessary for Landon to do so.

Thinking of this, Bruce looked suspiciously at Justina. Now the only one who had a motive was Justina.

Plus that Justina had tried to kidnap Bran and Louisa last time, Bruce had every reason to believe that Justina was involved in Bran's disappearance.

"Why are you looking at me like that? This has nothing to do with me. You'd better not look at me like this. "

Shouted Justina. She felt uncomfortable being stared at by Bruce. If it was her, would she still be here waiting for Bruce to come to settle accounts with her?

"You know clearly whether you have done it or not. And don't think that I really dare not do anything to you. If anything happens to Bran, the first person I won't let go is you. "

Bruce said, looking at Justina coldly. Then he turned and left.

When the back of Bruce disappeared, Landon looked at Justina and asked, "is it really you who did it? No matter what, I don't want my child to be involved in the resentment between us. If you really did that, let Bran go right now. "

In fact, Landon liked Bran very much. If not because of their different positions, she really wanted Bran to be her grandson. Now they didn't have a strong bond of kin and grandmother between them, but at least she didn't want Bran to get hurt.

After hearing what Landon said, Justina's face became even worse. How many times should she tell them that she really didn't do anything to hurt Bran. But it also showed her importance to the Mu family.

"You don't have to explain to me. I just said if, and I didn't say that it must be you. I don't think you will hurt a kid. You'd better let it go. "

Looking at the anxious expression on Justina's face to explain, Landon just glanced at her lightly. Finishing these words, Landon went upstairs before Justina said anything.

After Bruce left Mu family, he kept looking for Bran. But he still got no news after searching a lot of places. It was getting late.

Bruce was still worried about Louisa, so he drove to her place.

When Bruce arrived, Ben had already been there. When Bruce came in, he felt the depressing atmosphere. He knew that Ben had not found anything either.

Upon seeing Bruce, Louisa asked him with expectation, "how is it going? Is there any news about Bran? "

Looking at the look of hope on Louisa's face, Bruce really didn't want to hurt her. But he couldn't give up her hope, so he shook his head. Bruce shook his head. Then Louisa sat down on the sofa at once.

"It's getting dark outside. I don't know where Bran is. Would he be afraid? Although he looked pretty precocious in normal times, he was still a child after all. He must be scared if he is locked in a place. "

After hearing what Louisa said, Bruce sympathized wit

ead. Then he looked affectionately at Louisa and said, "the matter between you and Bran is the most important thing for me. I have dealt with it."

Even if Bruce was really kicked out of the company now, he wouldn't hesitate to do so as long as he could protect Louisa and Bran. So how could he leave Louisa at this time just for company's affairs?

After listening to Bruce's words, Louisa looked up at him in astonishment. She didn't expect him to say something like that.

It would be a lie if Louisa said she didn't move, and at such a special moment, the tears rolled down from her eyes.

"Well, don't cry, you idiot. Why is it so hard? Protecting your woman is what every man is supposed to do. "

Bruce comforted Louisa while wiping tears for her.

On the other side, Bobby came to the conference room and found that Ken was sitting there and looking at the board of directors with a faint smile. The directors looked at Ken ingratiatingly, as if they were waiting for him to make a decision.

The appearance of Bobby interrupted their meeting, and all of them looked at him with an unhappy face. They were obviously unhappy that Bobby suddenly appeared and interrupted their conversation.

Bobby, of course, knew that he was unwelcome here, but he had no choice but to come here for a reason.

"I didn't expect that all the directors have come to the company. Why didn't you inform the people in CEO office? Then we can welcome you."

There was an air of strange among them, so Bobby had to greet them. But everyone present could hear that Bobby wasn't greeting them at all. He was mocking them. They was holding a meeting here without telling Bruce.

"My brother Bruce is not in the company, so I receive the directors when they come to the company. Does Mr. Bobby have any comment?"

Ken snorted in his heart and asked Bobby coldly when he saw the board members were rendered speechless by Bobby.

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