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   Chapter 186 Louisa at Bruce's home

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When they came back, they saw Susie was waiting for them anxiously at the door. Seeing their car pulled over in front of the gate, Susie ran to them and directly dragged Louisa out of the car.

Then Louisa looked at Susie with a worried look on her face and asked, "Susie, what happened?"

How could Bran disappear if he was at home all right? Thinking of the people who wanted to kidnap them before, Louisa's face became even paler.

Bran had supported her for so many years. She couldn't believe what she should do if something bad happened to Bran.

Bruce was in a hurry to get off the car. He didn't notice that Louisa was dragged out of the car. Standing next to Louisa and seeing her pale face, Bruce felt very sorry for her and held her in her arms.

Hearing that, Susie replied anxiously, "I don't know what happened? I was busy preparing for the wedding ceremony before. But Bran was still in his bedroom then. I don't know what he was doing. "

At that time, Susie saw Bran. But she was busy with dealing with the things of Louisa, so she did not care much about Bran. However, it was beyond her expectation that Bran had disappeared in a blink of an eye.

"Have you seen the surveillance video? Have you found someone suspicious? " With Bruce's brows furrowed, he asked.

After hearing Bruce's words, Susie replied immediately, "because of the wedding, many people come in and out of our home, so we don't see any suspicious person."

There were so many people going in and out at the wedding today. How could Susie know such a thing? Looking at the sad look on Louisa's face, Susie really hated herself.

If anything happened to Bran, Susie would never know how to face Louisa.

"Forget it. Let's go inside first." Looking at Susie's distraught look, Bruce knew that she would not get any answer even if he kept asking.

So, instead of wasting time here, he should go in and check the surveillance video.

Bran was missing at home, so they couldn't hide themselves. In that case, there must be some clues left by them.

Hearing what Bruce said, Susie nodded and followed him into the room with the support of Louisa.

When they came in, Ben was watching the video. Bruce sat next to him and asked, "have you found anything?"

Hearing the voice of Bruce, Ben shook his head helplessly. Now there was really no clue. Bran seemed to have disappeared without any clue.

"Don't be so nervous. If someone really takes Bran away, he must have some purpose. In that case, Bran will be fine before his goal is achieved. "

Although Bruce said this to Ben, it was actually for Louisa. Now it seemed that Louisa's sky had fallen, which really made Bruce very worried.

Hearing that, Ben nodded in agreement. Of course Ben knew that, otherwise he wouldn't be so calm here now.

"But who wants to take revenge on us? We're just ordinary people. What's the use of kidnapping Bran?" Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa

u questioning us now? I'll be curious about how you'll treat me then. I thought you weren't a little boy, but you told such a thing to your mother. Bruce, you are really a good boy. "

Landon was already very upset when she knew that Bruce was going to make trouble. As Landon was questioned by Bruce in this way, Landon's face was more than hard to describe.

"Mom, I don't mean to be rude to you. But Bran was just a kid and he knew nothing. If you have any problem, you can solve it through adults. You don't have to punish a child who doesn't understand anything at all. "

After hearing what Landon said, Bruce looked at her bad face. Bruce knew he had been a little harsh on Landon just now. Now that Bran might be in their hands, Bruce persuaded Landon in a soft tone.

Looking at the anxious look on Bruce's face, Justina gloated and looked at him. She had wondered why Bruce came back so early. It turned out that Bran, that bastard, had been kidnapped.

Justina was overjoyed at the news. It was a real blessing. Now she wanted someone to teach that Bran a lesson, and she wanted to see if Louisa had the ability to compete with her.

"I've told you that I didn't. If you don't believe me, I can do nothing about it. " When Landon saw that Bruce was really anxious, Landon said it with a cold face at last.

After hearing what Landon said, Justina echoed, "that's right. How could we do something to Bran? Besides, even if we want to do something to hurt Bran, do we have the ability to do that? "

Speaking of which, Justina recalled what happened in the past. She was going to do something to hurt Louisa and Bran, but she didn't expect that Bruce suddenly appeared. Bruce not only ruined her plan, but also let Bruce get hold of her.

But now, even though Justina's plan failed, someone had helped her complete it. Thinking of this, Justina could not help feeling happy, but in order to avoid their suspicion, she pretended to be very angry.

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