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   Chapter 185 Disappearance

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While Bruce took a few secret glances at Louisa, from the corner of his eyes, but he found that Louisa did not look at him. So he had to keep these words to himself and pretended to drive carefully. But now his mind was totally in a mess.

However, as they were going farther and farther, Louisa felt something was wrong. The environment here was more and more strange. Louisa looked out anxiously, wondering what the hell Bruce was doing.

At last, Louisa couldn't help but ask Bruce, "where on earth do you want to take me?"

They had moved out of the city, which was far more remote. Louisa was sure that Bruce must be very angry. Was Bruce up to something? At the thought of this, Louisa looked at Bruce defensively.

After noticing that Louisa glared at him, Bruce smiled helplessly. What kind of person did she take him for? No matter how angry he was, it was impossible for him to do anything to her.

"You'll know when you get there. Don't look at me like that. I won't do anything to you."

Although Bruce knew what was on Louisa's mind and felt very helpless, he still carefully answered her question. He didn't like to see Louisa look at him like that, which made him uneasy.

Twenty minutes later, Bruce stopped the car in front of a villa. Bruce jumped out of the car first and said to Louisa, "here we are. Get out of the car."

After Louisa heard Bruce's voice, Louisa got out of the car. Staring at the villa in front of her, Louisa said with an unbelievable look on her face.

"Where is this place?" Louisa asked Bruce with a hesitant look on her face. Why was this house exactly the same as her ideal one.

Looking at Louisa, Bruce raised a smile, gently said to her, "do you want to go in and have a look?"

He had guessed that Louisa would fond of it. It seemed that the one hundred million was worth it. If what was on Bruce's mind was known by Bran, Bran must be extremely complacent. Because Bran had told Bruce that the condition was that Bruce would give him one hundred million dollars.

After listening to Bruce's words, Louisa looked at him in disbelief. "Can I go in?"

It was obviously a private villa of a rich family. How could she enter it casually. But now she seemed to have forgotten one thing, that is, Bruce was a rich man.

Looking at the excited look on Louisa's face, Bruce gently nodded to her. Then Louisa ran into the room with excitement on her face. Bruce looked at her lovingly and followed her into the room.

But the wedding dress of Louisa didn't suit her. Bruce's face darkened at the thought, but he covered it up soon.

After Louisa entered the room, she looked around excitedly. She didn't know why it was exactly the same as she imagined. Was it a coincidence or was it deliberately arranged by someone.

Thinking of this, Louisa took a look at Bru

in despair. It turned out that all this was true.

At this moment, Louisa's phone suddenly rang. She didn't want to answer it. But it seemed that the call didn't get through. Louisa had no choice but to wipe her tears and answer the phone, with her back to Bruce.

"Louisa, is Bran with you? We have searched everywhere but still couldn't find Bran, and his room is a mess. "

Susie asked anxiously. Even though Louisa couldn't see what Susie was like now, but she knew that Susie must be very anxious.

Standing in Bran's room, Susie looked really anxious. If Susie was not in a hurry, she would not disturb them at the moment.

But Bran had never disappeared like this before. Everyone was so busy today that no one paid attention to Bran.

When they came back to look for Bran, he had already disappeared. They had searched every corner of the house but still couldn't find Bran, so they had to stay at home to disturb Louisa.

"Bran is not with us? Did you all look for him carefully? Bran often went out by himself. Maybe he went out by himself. Don't you know Bran's temper? "

After hearing what Susie said, Louisa had a bad feeling. "Susie, are you okay?".

"We have checked the surveillance video. Bran didn't go out at all. But Bran is missing, which makes us more worried. Bran won't have refused to go out by himself if he wants. "

Susie replied resignedly. They had thought of the problem that Louisa told, but they had watched the surveillance video, so they were very anxious.

Susie's words turned Louisa pale. Louisa staggered to her feet and almost lost her phone.

Looking at Louisa's face, Bruce knew that something must have happened to her.

Bruce took the phone from Louisa and said to Susie, "don't worry. We'll be right back."

After that, Bruce put Louisa into the car. Now that he had seen her look, he was really worried about her.

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