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   Chapter 184 Bride Snatch

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However, just as Frank lowered his head, he didn't notice that a camera in the corner pressed the shutter. Susie captured the kissing and talking between them and looked at the fuss in her hands. She was afraid that Bruce would not come soon.

"I won't tell you. It's my secret." After hearing what Frank said, Louisa smiled mischievously and even made a face at him.

Hearing that, Frank smiled noncommittally and did not ask any more. Reaching out his arm, Louisa held Frank's arm and walked out of her room.

At the same time, Susie, Ben and Bran were standing downstairs. When they saw the two people coming downstairs, They couldn't help but sigh that they were a perfect match in terms of appearance.

It's a pity that they don't like each other.

"They are really a perfect match. Look, I've told you that I have a good taste. I believe there will be your poster everywhere after today. "

When they stood together, they looked even more beautiful than those stars. If Susie didn't know that today's banquet was held for another purpose, she would have liked to see that Louisa and Frank got married.

"Susie, what are you talking about?" Louisa glared at Susie and shouted angrily after hearing her words. It was not a big deal when Louisa heard this from Susie, but now she couldn't help blushing.

Looking at Louisa, Susie knew that she was embarrassed. So Susie smiled and said nothing else. Then Ben looked at Louisa with an obsessed look on his face.

Although Ben knew that this was not the real marriage of Louisa, he just had a feeling that from today on, Louisa was not his Louisa forever.

The thought of it made Ben's heart ache. But he forced a smile and said, "Louisa, you look gorgeous today."

Hearing what Ben said, Louisa said embarrassedly, "thank you." She thought that Ben was just praising her out of politeness. But she didn't know what was on Ben's mind now.

Looking at the innocent look on Louisa's face, Ben cleared his mind and said to Louisa, "it's about time. You should go now."

Ben didn't know what he would do if he continued to watch it. Although he knew that was not true, his heart ached for her.

After hearing what Ben said, Frank nodded his head and was about to get into the car with Louisa.

But at this moment, Ella suddenly appeared from nowhere and stood in front of Frank and Louisa. Ella stubbornly looked at Frank and asked, "Frank, are you really going to marry Louisa?"

Now it was her last chance to give Frank and their last chance. Tears welled up in Ella's eyes as she thought of this, but she still looked at Frank stubbornly.

The sudden turn of the event panicked everyone in the room. When Frank saw clearly who the visitor was, a trace of panic flashed across his face.

Frank looked away from her and asked, "Why are you here? It's not time for

een pregnant seven years ago. But people outside were all cheated by Bruce, who was a typical good man.

It's hard to believe that Bruce is such a good example, who serves his wife well and then his sister-in-law.

"What should we do now? Bran is really the son of Bruce. Bruce must have known it, right? "

Seeing the expression on Ken's face, Michelle knew the answer. But she couldn't believe that Bruce and Louisa had already known each other seven years ago.

Moreover, they had a six-year-old child. Was Bruce so infatuated with Louisa?

Thinking of this, Ken said with a gloomy face, "I'm not sure. Bruce hasn't done a paternity test yet. I will try my best to change Bran's surname so that he can't be Bruce's son. "

If the news that Bran was the son of Bruce had been known by others, then Bruce could inherit the rest twenty percent of shares of Mu family unconditionally. If so, Ken's long-time efforts would be in vain.

How could Ken allow such a thing to happen? Therefore, no matter what, he would never let Bruce know that Bran was his son.

"What are you going to do?" Seeing the expression on Ken's face, Michelle knew that he must have thought of a way, so she asked Ken.

"Just do what you're supposed to do. Don't ask anything that you shouldn't ask. Sometimes, knowing too much is no good for you."

After hearing what Michelle said, Ken looked at her coldly. His words were also ruthless. Michelle's face turned very pale.

"Well, since you have said that, I won't ask any more. I hope you won't disappoint me. I'm waiting to see a good show. "

After saying that coldly, Michelle turned around and left. Ken stared fiercely at the back of Michelle until she disappeared in the room. Then he withdrew his gaze from her.

Louisa had been looking out of the car ever since she got in it. She didn't say a word to Bruce, nor did she take a look at him.

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