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   Chapter 183 When The Wedding Is Going On

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When Ken came back to the villa, the more he thought about it, the more strange he felt. He didn't know why he thought that Bran was Bruce just now.

If Bran had nothing to do with Bruce, how could he look so much like Bruce? Thinking of Louisa's abnormal reaction before, an answer almost popped out in Ken's mind.

Ken's face darkened at the thought. Would all his efforts be in vain? If Bran was really the son of Bruce, then he would lose everything.

No, he couldn't allow it to happen. After all, it was just his conjecture. He couldn't frighten himself before he was sure about it. Thinking of that, Ken picked up his cellphone and called his secretary.

"Hello. it's me. You need to do an investigation about what had happened before Louisa went abroad, and find a way to get Bran's DNA and then do an examination about the relationship between Bran and Bruce. "

After saying that, he hung up the phone directly, leaving no time for the other party to react. Hiding in the darkness, Ken's face was filled with unwillingness.

Why did Bruce always hold the high horse? No matter how hard he tried, no one saw him. Now it was the case with women. He first met Louisa, but why did she fall in love with Bruce.

Anyway, Ken wouldn't allow Bruce to challenge him. Soon, Bruce had to give up the position of president.

At the thought of this, Ken broke into a cold smile, which was quite frightening.

Now, Frank's wedding was about to be held, but Louisa still didn't know how Frank had prepared.

Frank told Louisa to wait obediently for the bride to be, so she stayed at home all day, eating, sleeping.

Bran shook his head with profound resignation when he saw the carefree look on Louisa's face. Bran really didn't know what to say about her. Now she was going to be sold, but she was still so careless.

Time passed slowly. Soon it was their wedding day. Before the early morning, Louisa was dragged out of bed by Susie.

Although Frank lost the support of Mu family, he was still a minor well-known pianist. So the wedding went well as planned. In the early morning, the stylist rushed there.

"What are you doing? Let me sleep a little longer. It's still early." Louisa closed her eyes and muttered unhappily. Susie began to make her restless in the early morning. On earth she was or was not allowed to sleep.

"Don't you know today is a lucky day? Do you hear what I said yesterday?"

Susie screamed at Louisa, trying to pull her up. Now judging from the look on Louisa's face, Susie seriously doubted that if Louisa really didn't listen to her yesterday.

"It's none of my business today. I just want to sleep. Susie, I'm begging you, let me sleep a little longer. "

Louisa didn't care about the date. She thought something all night and fell asleep in the early morning. But now, it was only a few hours' sleep. Louisa just wanted to sleep.

"I k

Why did Bruce change his mind? Could it be that Bruce really didn't like Louisa so he didn't care if Louisa was going to marry Frank?

But Justina didn't need to stop him. As long as Bruce could feel relieved, she had the confidence to get him back to her.

As for Ella, she was not Justina's threat at all. Don't think that she didn't know that Ella and Bruce were just acting.

Otherwise, if Ella knew that Frank was going to get married with Louisa, she would not be in such a hurry. Thinking of this, Justina put on a satisfied smile and turned away.

After Justina left, Bruce came out of his room and smiled disdainfully in the direction of Justina.

When Frank arrived at the room, the stylist had finished the last work. Seeing Louisa, Frank had to admit that she was really beautiful.

The original Louisa beauty was now a natural beauty, but after being dressed like this, he was unable to open his eyes.

Somehow, an expression of Ella flashed across Frank's mind while he was looking at Louisa. When Frank realized what he was thinking, Frank drove away the mess in his mind in a hurry.

With a smile on his lips, he came to Louisa and said, "you are very beautiful today. I have not seen a beautiful bride before."

After hearing what Frank said, Louisa smiled sheepishly. Even though Frank was not her prince charming, she was still not used to being praised.

But Louisa thought that today was their wedding, so she smiled and politely said to Frank, "you are also very handsome today."

She was telling the truth. In her eyes, Frank was always a gentleman. Wearing a white suit, he looked like a prince who had just walked out of a story.

If any woman outside saw it, she might be fascinated by Frank for a long time.

Thinking of that, Louisa couldn't help but burst into laughter. After hearing the laughter, Frank lowered his head and gently asked, "what funny thing makes you so happy?"

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