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   Chapter 182 A Hurried Wedding

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9539

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It took a long time for Frank to get out of the study room. The next day, he began to prepare for the wedding, as if nothing had happened.

When Landon saw that Frank was actually preparing for the wedding, Landon was really pissed off.

Was that Louisa more important than her mother? Now Frank really abandoned her mother and was going to marry Louisa?

With this in mind, Landon stopped Frank who was walking outside and asked with a cold face: "do you really have to do this?"

Why couldn't a happy family be a troublemaker? Now that Bruce had finally calmed down, why did Frank start to make trouble again.

"Mom, you know me. Since I have been with her, I should be responsible for her. "

After hearing Landon's words, Frank stopped what he was doing and looked at her seriously. Although they didn't have to agree to this wedding, Frank still hoped to get their blessings.

After hearing what Frank said, Landon was really mad. She said to Frank without thinking, "how can you be so naive? How do you know that this is not done by Louisa on purpose? Don't fall into the trap. You still count the money for Louisa. "

Who knew what Louisa had in mind? At the beginning, she was pestering Bruce. Now when Bruce didn't have any expectation for Louisa, she began to play tricks on Frank again. It was a wishful thinking for such a woman to marry into Mu family.

After hearing Landon's words, Frank sighed with profound resignation. Now that Landon had a bias against Louisa, no matter what Louisa did, she had a purpose in Landon's eyes.

Alina went downstairs and did not notice the strange atmosphere between them. Instead, she said to Frank happily, "Frank, are you really going to marry Louisa? When is your wedding? "

Since the incident last time when they met in the hospital, Rod had been very friendly to Rod. Alina was in a good mood these days because she had gone through a lot.

Now when she heard that Frank was going to get married, she was a little surprised, but she didn't hate Louisa anymore. She knew it was not Louisa's fault, so they had no right to blame Louisa.

Seeing the excited look on Alina's face, Frank was in a better mood. At least not everyone was against them getting married, that was enough.

"The date is the seventh day. I hope you can attend my wedding if you like."

Now that Alina had asked Frank about it, and Frank had told her, it would be best if she was willing to attend. It made sense if she didn't want to. So there was nothing to be disappointed.

"Of course I would like to come. How could I not go to your wedding?" Hearing what Frank said, Alina answered happily.

In fact, Alina had a plan in her mind. Although Rod had changed his attitude towards her.

But it couldn't be denied that Rod was somehow interested in Louisa. This was a good chance for hi

e on herself?

Looking at Alina's angry face, Rod knew that she must have misunderstood him.

There was no time for Rod to be shocked. He explained, "you misunderstood me. I just feel a little inconceivable. Isn't Louisa with Bruce? Why does she suddenly want to marry Frank? "

If that was the case, it was the God who was helping Rod. It meant that Bruce had a crush on Louisa. But if Louisa married Frank, Frank would have a strong aversion against Bruce.

Rod was thinking of a chance to make a comeback. Now was it a good chance. At the thought of this, Rod couldn't help smiling. After his smile was seen by Alina, she asked curiously, "Why are you so happy?"

'Didn't he look surprised just now? Why is he so happy now? What does he think about?'

It was not until now that Alina realized that Rod cared too much. She had no idea of what in Rod's mind at all.

After hearing what Alina said, Rod looked at her with a flattering face and said, "of course I'm happy that Frank is going to get married with Louisa. Then you won't misunderstand me any more. I'm finally innocent. Do you think I'm not happy? "

Of course, Rod wouldn't tell Alina the real reason. He didn't know why, since last time, he felt that Alina didn't trust him so much.

He had to deal with it step by step, or else he would lose everything.

"Are you telling the truth?" After hearing the words of Rod, although Alina's tone was still skeptical, it could be told from her words that she was wavering.

After hearing what Alina said, Rod knew that she was wavering. "Of course it's true," he said. "If you don't believe me, you can have a check by yourself."

Rod even bit Alina's ears, which made her blush. Blushed, Alina pushed Rod away and said, "how can you do this to me?"

Looking at Alina's face, Rod knew that she had believed his words. Now he needed to consider what he should do next.

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