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   Chapter 179 The Grand Wedding

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9522

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Bran didn't care who would be his father as long as Louisa still felt happy. But when he thought of the deal he made with Bruce, Bran felt a headache. On the other hand, though Bruce didn't cherish Louisa.

"Don't you want to know who your biological father is?"

Long before this, Frank had sensed that Bran was not that simple. Frank was surprised to hear such words from Bran.

"So what if he is my biological daughter? Even if he is not my biological father. My biological father turned a blind eye to me, but Uncle Ben has nothing to do with us, he is very kind to me. So sometimes, it doesn't matter. What do you think? "

After hearing what Frank said, Bran unhurriedly spoke out his thoughts. Frank was more surprised to hear that.

On the other side, after pulling Louisa to his room, Susie persuaded, "are you going to refuse Frank's proposal?"

It was such a good chance for Louisa and Susie really didn't understand why Louisa rejected it. 'Frank is a good man.'

"I don't like Frank. Of course I have to refuse his proposal," said Louisa without thinking. Why do you take me here? I want to go out and make it clear to Frank. He can't marry me just because of what happened yesterday. "

As Louisa spoke, she was about to open the door, but was stopped by Susie. "How should I blame you? Now that Frank is willing to take responsibility for you, why are you not willing to do that?" Susie asked

Why was Frank not good enough? At least he was a good man with a clean body. In today's society, it was rare to meet a man like Frank. Why didn't she get married as soon as she met one? When she missed him, she couldn't do anything about it.

"I don't think you are so sentimental today. You didn't think highly of Frank before, did you?" Louisa asked doubtfully

Although Susie was deeply fancy with Frank before, she never persuaded Louisa to marry him.

Susie had persuaded Louisa to reconsider it before. But now there was a huge change.

"Why are you staring at me like that? Don't you know what kind of person I am? Are you suspecting me? " It was a guilty feeling to be seen by Louisa, so Susie bit back first.

Thinking of this, Susie couldn't help admiring Louisa's intelligence.

"I am not suspecting you. I just feel that you are a little strange today." Hearing what Susie said, Louisa looked at her with flattering eyes and explained.

They had been together for so many years. How could Louisa not know what kind of person Susie was and how could she doubt Susie.

"In that case, Louisa, please trust me this time. I will never hurt you. Promise Frank's proposal, and you will be happy. "

Since Louisa said so, Susie would like to make good use of their friendship for so many years.

"Me?" Though Louisa believe Susie, she was still a little hesitant to accept Frank's proposal.

t he still pretended that he didn't care about it. If Ben was not such a selfless person, he wouldn't be like this.

In fact, Susie sometimes felt sorry for Ben. But since it was his choice, she couldn't say anything about it.

When Louisa came out of her room, Susie and Ben had already been in the hall. Louisa had no idea that she was fooled by the two men in front of her.

After Louisa came to the hall, she found that the atmosphere in the hall had completely changed. They had been at odds with each other a moment ago, but now they are happily talking about it.

Louisa looked at the people present strangely, trying to find something from their faces, but they couldn't find anything after looking for a long time.

"Louisa, why are you still standing there. Come and sit here. " Then Susie stood up from her seat and led Louisa to sit on the sofa next to Frank.

Louisa felt that there was something wrong between them. But none of them said anything.

Frank stayed for dinner with them and then left. When Frank was about to leave, Susie said to Louisa, "Louisa, why are you standing here? Get out with Frank!"

As soon as Susie finished saying that, she pushed Louisa a step. So that Louisa almost fell into Frank's arms. With great difficulty to regain balance, Louisa glared at Susie with anger.

But she found that Susie didn't even look at her. The only thing she could do was sulking.

"Are you all right?" Susie knew it was despicable, but she had no other choice.

After hearing what Frank said, Louisa just realized that she was still in his arms. Thinking of this, Louisa blushed and got out of Frank's arms.

Lowering her head, she replied, "I'm fine."

Louisa even didn't dare to look into Frank's eyes now. What a shame.

How could Louisa always do such a shameful thing? Even without looking at Frank, she knew that he must be smiling now.

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