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   Chapter 178 Proposal

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Bruce was right. It was not a good time to be angry. If Ella made a scene of it, it would only make Frank hate her more. If she really wanted to stop them from getting married, she needed to find a better way.

However, Ella and Bruce never thought that their plan could never be changed so fast. Before they could come up with a solution, Frank had already decided to marry Louisa as soon as possible.

After leaving the hospital, Frank went directly to the jewelry store. Now that he had decided to get married, he hoped that he could get married as soon as possible.

Now that Landon didn't allow them to get married, she would certainly put obstacles in their way. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble every night, Frank decided to propose to Louisa now.

After coming out of the jewelry store, Frank directly drove to the villa where Louisa and others lived now.

Susie finally got up after a day's sleep. The first thing she did after she got up was to look for Louisa. Louisa had been sitting there in a daze after she returned to her room.

Therefore, when Susie opened the door, she saw that Louisa was staring blankly.

Heaving a sigh of helplessness, Susie sat down next to Louisa and asked, "what happened on earth? Can you tell me now that no one is here?"

It was not like what Louisa said at all and it was hard for Susie to believe what Louisa had said. That was why Susie asked that.

Hearing the voice of Susie, Louisa wiped away her tears. Louisa raised her head to look at Susie. From the expression on Susie's face, Louisa realized that Susie wouldn't give up so easily unless Louisa told her the truth.

So Louisa lowered her head and told the stories between her and Bruce to Susie. After hearing what Louisa said, Susie was so angry that she really wanted to go to meet Bruce right now and beat him up.

"God damn Bruce! How could he do this to you? I was so blind to think he was a rare good man. Louisa, don't cry. This kind of man doesn't deserve your love. "

It was not until Susie finished her sentence that she found that Louisa had already cried. She held Louisa in her arms and comforted her.

Susie was just staying in the casting group for a couple of days, and that was it. If only Susie could be there for Louisa when Louisa was down and heartbroken.

After crying for a while, Louisa got up from Susie's arms and said decisively, "yes, you are right. I won't feel sad for Bruce anymore. He doesn't deserve my love. From now on, I will have nothing to do with him. "

Bruce had gone too far this time. It was his fault, but he still didn't believe her. In that case, they would have no reason to be together. It was better for them to separate as soon as possible.

"That's the Louisa I know. Don't cry. Let's go downstairs, or Ben and Bran will worry about us. "

Seeing that Louisa finally smiled, Susie was relieved. Bruce didn

ive me the chance to take care of you for the rest of your life. "

Frank wasn't a sentimental man and he didn't like to say sweet words. It was all Frank's true words, no exaggeration.

After listening to Frank's words, Louisa stood there with an awkward look on her face. She really didn't know how to answer this question. She really didn't need Frank to take any responsibility for her. She thought that Frank just said it causal, but he did mean it.

And all of a sudden, she was totally unprepared. But if Louisa refused Frank, she was afraid that it would hurt him.

Therefore, she stood there in embarrassment and didn't know how to respond to Frank. Ben looked at Frank angrily. No wonder he didn't like Frank so much. It turned out that Frank planned to do this.

Previously, Ben was willing to hand the custody of Louisa over to Bruce. At first, Ben thought that Bruce would be able to make Louisa happy. But things turned out to be like this. Now Ben didn't dare to trust Mu family any more, so he disliked Frank very much.

After thinking for a long time, Louisa finally said, "I have told you that you don't have to be responsible for me."

After all, she had never wanted to be with Frank. And she believed that Frank had never thought of being with her, though he had asked her to be his girlfriend before.

But she could feel that Frank didn't love her.

Seeing that Louisa was about to reject Frank's proposal, Susie covered Louisa's mouth and shyly said to Frank, "that's not Louisa's intention. Mr. Frank, please get up first. I have something to tell Louisa."

Then without waiting for Frank's answer, Susie directly dragged Louisa away. After watching them leave, Ben snorted and followed them. In the hall, Frank and Bran looked at each other, which made Bran feel very uncomfortable.

"Don't look at me like that. I have no objection on who will be my father, as long as my mother agrees."

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