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   Chapter 177 Harm Her And Kill Herself

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10207

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"What nonsense are you talking about? I warn you that you'd better not let me hear such words again. Otherwise, I will not let go of you!"

Ken shouted at Michelle with a cold face after hearing what she said. 'This woman is really trying to stir up trouble. Now she is biting back on me, ' he thought.

"Why are you pissed off by my words?" In contrast to Ken's anger, Michelle was very calm. She looked at Ken as if she was going to watch a good show. Ken felt very uncomfortable in that way.

All of a sudden, Ken looked at Michelle and laughed. He had really been driven mad by Michelle just now.

He didn't know how to protect himself, so he was much better now. Now Ken restrained his emotions and said to Michelle, "do you really think that I dare not do anything to you? Don't forget your identity now. If our plan fails and Bruce knows that you intend to cooperate with me to seize Mu's Group, do you think Bruce will forgive you? "

So now they were in the same boat and they fought for the same goal. After hearing what Ken said, the expression on Michelle's face changed slightly.

Ken was right. If their plan was brought to light, Bruce would never forgive her. Yesterday she did such a thing just because she was still mad at Louisa.

In fact, Michelle had regretted in her heart, but when she thought of this, Michelle's face had completely changed.

"I know I don't need you to remind me that it was my fault for what happened yesterday. What should we do now? It's all over now. "

Ken was telling the truth. Even if Michelle didn't want to admit her fault, it was impossible.

Perhaps it was better for her to admit her mistake with Ken now, so that they could discuss what they should do next.

"Now you regret it, why don't you do something earlier. Now what can we do? Of course, to stop the wedding of Louisa and Frank. "

If Louisa had been married to Frank, she would definitely take Frank's side in terms of his inheritance. Inside the company, Mu's Group didn't dare to go against JC Goup.

"You don't need to worry about that. Now we don't need to do anything. And your mother will not allow Louisa to marry Frank."

Landon hated Louisa so much that she would never allow Louisa to marry into Mu family again. So they didn't have to worry that Louisa would really marry Frank.

A disdainful smile appeared on Ken's face after he heard what Michelle said. This woman was so conceited. Did she really think that Frank would listen to his mother as long as her mother disagreed with Frank's decision?

"You really don't know Frank. If he is so easy to be controlled, do you think Bruce could take his present position?"

The people outside didn't know about Mu family. They thought it was because of the outstanding ability of Frank that Bruce became the heir of Mu family. But in fact, Frank didn't care about this position at all.

After hearing Ken's words, Michelle looked at Ken in disbelief. They didn't expect this result. They had thought that if Landon didn't want to see Louisa,

la's words.

"If you cheated on me, I would love to hear that. Don't compare yourself to Louisa. None of you is qualified to compare with Louisa in my heart. "

Even though Bruce was complaining about the unfaithfulness of Louisa, and he even began to resent Louisa in his heart. However, Bruce didn't allow anyone to speak ill of Louisa. Ella curled her lips in disdain.

"I didn't expect that you have such a romantic cell. If you had told Louisa earlier, things like this wouldn't have happened, right?"

It never occurred to Ella that that cold and indifferent Bruce would say something like that one day. Ella was shocked. Love could change people.

But she still agreed with Bruce. In her heart, no man could be compared with Frank.

At the thought of this, Ella said firmly, "I don't know what you are thinking. Anyway, I won't let them get married. Now I'm going to meet Frank and make everything clear with him. If he is really going to marry Louisa, I will die in front of him. "

Then Ella really turned around and wanted to look for Frank. After hearing what Ella said, Bruce was really upset. 'If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have turned down Ella's proposal. That way, the situation wouldn't have been so bad, ' Bruce thought.

But now it was not the right time to talk nonsense with Ella. It would only make Frank more determined to marry Louisa. Bruce knew what kind of person Frank was. If they really wanted to stop their marriage, they needed to consider it carefully.

"Stop. If you really want to stop them from getting married, you'd better not go to find Frank now. You should know what kind of person Frank is. You are just making him hate you more. "

Ella and Frank grew up together. He believed that Ella was clearer than him about what kind of person Frank was. So he didn't say too much.

Hearing what Bruce said, Ella was a little surprised and took back her steps. Ella looked at Bruce doubtfully. When she saw the pleased expression on Bruce's face, Ella dismissed the idea.

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