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   Chapter 176 I Object To Getting Married

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On the other side, Bruce returned to the hospital in a huff. The more he thought about it, the angrier he was. He didn't expect this damned Louisa would do such a thing. He didn't want to talk to Louisa any more.

Yesterday he had been worried about Louisa for the whole night, but he didn't expect that she didn't need his worried at all and she was doing well.

Michelle followed Bruce into the ward and sat beside him. She said to him, "I've told you that Louisa is not that simple. But you still don't believe me. Now you can see it with your own eyes. She have been with you, but she still chose to be with Frank. "

Hearing what Michelle said, Bruce was in a bad mood. He suddenly looked up at her and said, "I don't want to see anyone now. You go out."

Although it was true that it was just a piece of cake for Bruce, he still felt uncomfortable in his heart when he heard other people speak ill of Louisa.

So Bruce drove Michelle away without thinking. After listening to Bruce's words, Michelle looked at him incredulously.

Unexpectedly, even at this moment, Bruce still had feelings for Louisa. In this case, she would let Bruce give up completely. Thinking of this, Michelle did not say anything.

"Then I'll go back first. Have a good rest." It was unwise to confront him head on, so she'd better leave first.

When she walked out of Bruce's room, she ran into Landon who just came out of Alina's room. So Michelle warmly greeted Landon: "Auntie, long time no see. I didn't expect to meet you here. "

During this period of time, Michelle did not appear. She was on a business trip, but in fact, with Ken, she was watching the development of the whole thing behind the scene.

"Michelle, long time no see. Where have you been? You haven't come to see me for a long time."

In order to attract Bruce's attention, Michelle often went to Mu family. Bruce didn't stop her, the members of Mu family were happy to see that. But since last time, Michelle had never been to Mu family.

So Landon said that. But after hearing what Landon said, Michelle said with a smile, "now that I want someone to accompany you, there must be a lot of people rushing to accompany you. I won't go."

It sounded good, but in fact, it was an irony to what had happened in Mu family recently. Landon was also a woman who had experienced a lot of ups and downs. Her face darkened as she heard what Michelle said.

Even if it was Mu family who should say sorry to Michelle, a small girl like Michelle couldn't sneer at the authority of Mu family.

"There are always many people who want to marry into Mu family. You are right, Michelle. It seems that you are just discharged from Bruce's ward. There is a big gap between you and him. "

Landon's words were ironic. She thought that Michelle was just a woman who wanted to marry into Mu family. Michelle had no right to say these words. After hearing what Landon said, Michelle knew that she must have misunderstood.

So she immediately explained, "aunt, you rea

nsist on being with Louisa, you are not my son."

Landon was also crazy with her anger. Frank couldn't restrain his anger anymore. No matter what she said, nothing would be changed as long as Frank was determined to do it.

With these words, Landon slammed the door and left. Only Ken took a meaningful look at Frank after turning around and leaving without saying anything.

"Bitch!" Ken slapped on Michelle's face in anger. He had warned her not to act rashly last night. But look at what she had done! Frank was going to marry Louisa.

If they did get married, all their efforts these days would be in vain.

"How dare you slap me? Ken mu, I'll fight it out with you!" Nobody had ever beaten her in her life. Who did Ken think he was? They were just partners.

Now he dared to beat her, which was going too far.

Ken snorted coldly. Then he said, "so what? Do you still feel wronged? Look at what you have done last night. What should we do now? "

She had the nerve to make a fuss here. Now that Louisa and Frank had already talked about marriage. How could Ken not be angry? He had done so much effort, and it was about to succeed. But it was ruined by Michelle.

"Ken, don't tell me that you're so angry just because you want to get Mu's Group?"

Michelle looked coldly at Ken and asked, because his reaction was too great. And every time Ken met something that about Louisa, he would be very abnormal.

"Do you think it's because of anything else?" Ken was completely at a loss. He looked at Michelle in disbelief and asked. This damn woman was very good at quibbling.

She knew she had made a big mistake and wanted to change the topic.

Michelle looked at Ken with a cold smile and said, "you have a crush on Louisa. Every time you meet something about her, your reaction is very strange. You don't like her? "

It was so funny that there were so many people wanted to marry into Mu family, but they all fell in love with Louisa. Many people would be heartbroken if others knew it.

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