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   Chapter 172 Competition Between Father And Son

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9407

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So Bruce sneered at Justina and said sarcastically without thinking, "I think you should know what happened between us. Even though I don't tell you, that doesn't mean I don't know. Don't force me to tell anyone. It's not good for anyone. "

After listening to Bruce's words, the face of Justina, who was still on the verge of a breakdown, suddenly turned pale. She looked at Bruce in disbelief and wondered if Bruce had known it?

Then, looking at the happy look on Ella's face while looking at Bruce, Justina was not reconciled at all, but she dared not act rashly.

"Bruce, you will regret!" Justina said coldly and ran out of the ward. And no one noticed that a figure flashed by the door before Justina went out.

After watching Justina leave, Bruce took a slight glance at Ella and then said unhurriedly, "why don't you let me go even though she has already left?"

On hearing what Bruce said, Ella released his hand subconsciously. Ella teased Bruce, "you really don't know how to be tender to a woman. Are you a man or not? How could you turn me down like this? "

She couldn't bear to see her daughter cry for a moment. But this Bruce didn't have the slightest heart. He was really iron hearted.

Hearing this, Bruce sneered and asked, "does it matter to you whether I'm a man or not? It's okay now. You can really go. "

Finishing his words, Bruce went back to his bed and stopped talking with Ella. Bruce behaved like he didn't want anyone to be close to him. This evil guy couldn't have been married to that bunny, Louisa.

"I have only one last sentence to say. I will leave right now. Even if you beg me to stay, I will not stay here."

If it weren't for this plan, there wouldn't have been such an exciting scene.

After listening to Ella, Bruce just cast a glance at her and didn't comment on it. However, Ella knew exactly what was on Bruce's mind, so she didn't get angry, smiled and said, "Louisa is safe at home now. She was taken back by Ben."

Then, she waited there and wanted to see how Bruce would react. However, to her disappointment, Bruce was still expressionless.

So, Ella didn't give up and looked at Bruce, "aren't you worried about what's going on between Louisa and Ben? Ben was an excellent man. He was willing to give his shares to Louisa. If I were Louisa, I would definitely choose Ben instead of you, a man who always makes people sad. "

Anyhow, the reason why Ella wanted to see the subtle expression on Bruce's face was that she wanted to check it out. However, to Ella's surprise, before Bruce could make any response, Bran had already taken over the conversation and said.

They saw Bran standing at the door of the ward. With a cold face, Bran said, "any woman with a brain will make such a choice."

Hearing his voice, Ella and Bruce l

ther chance.

Even though Bruce was his biological father, he would not be soft on Bruce. A smile appeared on Bruce's face after he heard what Bran said.

"Don't worry. I won't give you the chance." Bruce understood that Bran meant he agreed with Bruce's decision, so Bruce smiled.

Bran smiled too. In this way, they reached an agreement. After saying goodbye to Bruce, Bran went back home.

Because there was another person who worried Bran very much at home, Bruce intended to ask Bobby to send Bran back, but Bruce was refused by Bran.

After Bran left, Bruce's face darkened. He commanded in a cold voice, "come out!"

As soon as he finished, Frank walked out of a corner. He looked at Bruce and asked bitterly, "are you really in love with Ella? Since you have been with Ella, why do you cheat on Louisa? "

Frank had never known that Bruce was so capable. Frank didn't expect that Bruce deal with two women and made them stick on Bruce. Frank underestimated Bruce in front of him.

Hearing Frank's slightly inquiry tone, Bruce just glanced at Frank indifferently and then said: "does it have anything to do with you?"

As far as Bruce knew, killing in a second was just the best proof. Although Frank had thousands of words in his heart to say, he was about to swallow them down because of Bruce's words.

A disdainful smile was plastered on Bruce's face. How could a man, who even didn't dare to face his own feelings, have the right to talk about feelings.

If it were Bruce, he would never let go of the one he loved, even death.

So no matter what, Bruce would not let Louisa leave him. Bruce wouldn't stop if Justina and Rod wanted to play.

But Bruce couldn't control the result. Thinking of this, Bruce suddenly looked at Frank coldly and said, "if you don't have anything important to do, please go out and I want to have a rest."

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