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   Chapter 171 An Enemy Behind You

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 10195

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After sending Louisa back to her room, Bran looked at her and did not ask any more questions. Bran looked at Ben. Then Bran left Louisa to take a rest upstairs.

"You haven't been home for a day. Go upstairs and have a rest now." Bran acted as if nothing had happened and after he said to Louisa, he looked away from her. Louisa was surprised at Bran's reaction.

But now she was so tired that she didn't have time to think about that. She nodded to Bran and then went upstairs. After watching Louisa's figure disappear in the room, Bran asked Ben, "where did you find her?"

If not for the fact that Ben had come back with Louisa, Bran would have thought that she was still in the hospital. Judging from Louisa's look, it was not hard to guess what had happened.

"I happened to go to the hospital when I saw her crying and running out of it. I don't know exactly what happened. Now I'm sending her back. You take good care of her. I have a meeting to attend, so I'm leaving. "

Ben didn't want to say anything about the affair between Bruce and Louisa. So he didn't say anything. He just thought that even if he didn't say anything, Bran would definitely know what he wanted to know.

"Come on. You don't have to pretend in front of me. I know what's on your mind. Don't act rashly before I figure it out. "

After hearing what Ben said, Bran looked at him with disdain. If others didn't know, Ben would definitely go to find Bruce after Ben got out of here.

Before Bran could figure out what had happened, if Ben rashly went to see Bruce, the misunderstanding between Louisa and Bruce would be deeper.

"But we can't just stand by and watch your mother being bullied, right?"

That was why Ben didn't feel embarrassed at all, even though he had been look through by Bran. All the people except Louisa knew that Ben had a crush on Louisa.

Now Louisa had been bullied by Bruce. If Ben didn't give Bruce a warning, Bruce would think that Louisa was a pushover.

"Do you think I'm such a kind person? I just said that before I figured it out, don't act rashly, but I didn't say that I would let Bruce bully my mother like this. "

Hearing what Ben said, Bran could not help but roll his eyes towards the sky. It seemed that Bran had been too kind recently that they had forgotten his original nature.

A sly smile appeared on Ben's face after he heard what Bran said. How could Ben forget that Bran was not a man to be trifled with? Now that Bruce was remembered by Bran, Ben could only pray for Bruce for the favor of himself. And there was no need for Ben to do anything.

"Okay, okay, I know what to do? I won't interfere. Can I leave now? I really have a meeting to attend. "

Since Bran said so, he would just wait to watch a good show. But Ben really had to go now, because many people in the company were still waiting.

After Ben left, Bran took a meaningful look at Louisa's room. Then he went out with his stuff.

After Ella just left, Justina came to the ward of Bruce. With a coquettish look, she

hinking of this, Justina calmed down a little and asked Ella.

Hearing what Justina said, Ella and Bruce looked at each other quickly. They saw shock in each other's eyes, and they were surprised to find that Justina was not as simple as she seemed.

How could Justina think of this in such a short time? It seemed that they really underestimated this Julissa before.

At the thought of this, Ella cheered up and raised a smile. "In fact, that's just an illusion I made. I just want to deceive people. After all, we are all celebrities. We won't disclose our relationship until we are really married. Besides, there are rumors that I love Frank. I have never publicly admitted my love to him. "

As for this matter to cooperate with Bruce, Ella had already figured out a reason. That's why Ella didn't hesitate to act as if she was telling the truth.

Frank, who was about to look for Bruce, happened to hear these words from Ella outside the door. Frank then loosened his grip on the door. Frank was shocked by the truth.

He didn't know whether what Ella said was true or not, but he felt uncomfortable when he heard that.

"Bruce, is what she said true?" Apparently, Justina was shocked by what Ella said. After thinking carefully, she found that Ella was telling the truth. So, Justina looked at Bruce in disbelief, hoping he could give her the answer she wanted.

After hearing what Justina said, Bruce said nothing but nodded slightly. But even so, Justina still couldn't help having a nervous breakdown.

With an injured face, Justina shouted at Bruce, "if that's the case, then what am I to you? Then what happened between us really matters. "

Justina looked at Bruce with disappointment, completely treating herself as a victim. It seemed that Justina had really been stimulated a lot. Seeing that, both Ella and Bruce could not help sneering.

What was Justina doing now? People would think they bullied her if they didn't know what Justina did. But in fact, this woman was the most vicious woman.

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