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   Chapter 170 Evening Dress

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After Ella left, Bruce immediately collapsed onto the bed. What Frank had said just now kept on echoing in his mind. Louisa was really sad when she had run away.

Bruce didn't know where she was and how she felt.

Bruce wanted to be with Louisa right now. But he knew that If he couldn't settle this once and for all, it would only hurt Louisa.

On the other side, Louisa walked down the street. She didn't know how long she had gone and where she was now. Wandering on the street like this, Louisa felt that her legs were numb.

She didn't feel any pain after she had walked for such a long time. Maybe she had been too heartbroken to be numb. As a result, she could no longer feel the pain.

She didn't know how long she had walked and where she was now. Looking at the group of people, she squatted down and cried.

Perhaps only in such a strange environment could she really let go of herself. To give vent to her inner feelings so easily like today was the cold society nowadays.

Louisa squatted there, crying so hard, but no one would stop because of her cried. It was also because of such a strange crowd that she gave up her usual disguise.

She told herself that she didn't care about Bruce, but she had to admit at this moment.

"Here you are. Cry if you feel bad. Cry out loud if that could make you feel better. "

Just when Louisa was crying the hardest, Ben suddenly appeared in front of her and handed her a piece of tissue. Then he stood there and stared at Louisa in silence.

After hearing the voice of Ben, Louisa took the tissue in his hand and wiped her face in a hurry. Then she raised her head and asked, "Why are you here?"

She didn't know where she was now and how could Ben be here. 'Is it a coincidence? If so, does he see I lost my manner just now?' She wondered.

Thinking of this, Louisa blushed. Looking at her face, Ben knew what she was thinking.

So he said with a smile, "I just passed by and didn't have the heart to disturb you as I saw you crying here."

In fact, what he didn't say was that he went to the hospital after Bran told him about what had happened to Louisa.

But he didn't know what happened to her when he saw her crying. He was worried about her so he followed Louisa all the way.

It was not until now that he saw Louisa crying so sadly that he couldn't help standing out to comfort her. Judging from the attitude of Louisa, she should have a deep crush on Bruce. Maybe she didn't even know herself, and she didn't know from when Bruce had become so important to her.

"Now that you have seen it, I have nothing to hide. Please don't tell this to Bran. I don't want him to worry about me. "

Listening to what Ben said, Louisa breathed a sigh of relief. The only possibility was that Ben

't have happened. Then Louisa wouldn't be so sad, and Susie felt really sorry for Louisa.

Bobby heaved a deep sigh after he heard what Susie said. He knew that Susie must have come for this matter. Luckily, everything was fine now. Otherwise, Susie would make a fuss.

"Don't worry. Ben picked her up." Although Ben told Louisa that he met her by chance, Bobby, who had been following them all the way, knew that Ben had been followed Louisa a long time.

"That's good. But you'd better be careful. There is no good men in the world. If I meet you, I will not let you go."

When Susie heard the news she wanted to know, she warned Bobby and hung up the phone with a cold hum.

Looking at the phone, Bobby really wanted to cry. Why did he always get hurt? It seemed that it was none of his business. 'Why should I be blamed by them? I didn't do anything wrong.'

On the other side, after Louisa got in the car, she had been staring outside, like a lifeless doll.

"Louisa, how about I take you to eat something delicious? We go back to pick up Bran. We'll go to the restaurant we liked a lot last time. It's said that they have made a lot of new dishes. "

Looking at Louisa's pale face, Ben tried to shift her attention by smiling.

Then Louisa looked away from the outside. She looked at Ben with a confused look on her face. She didn't hear what Ben said just now.

Looking at Louisa's face, Ben sighed helplessly. Ignoring the bitterness in his heart, he repeated what he had just said to Louisa.

After hearing what Ben said, Louisa managed a smile and said, "I really can't eat anything now. How about you and Bran have dinner together?"

She was in no mood to eat anything. She just wanted to find a place and lick her wound.

Hearing what Louisa said, Ben was not surprised, because he had expected that she would refuse.

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