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   Chapter 167 The Unexpected Visitor

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9628

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Seeing that, Frank knew that something must have happened to Louisa. But since Louisa did not want to tell him, even if he continued to ask, she would not tell him.

"Since you don't want to tell me, I won't force you. Let's talk about it when you want to tell me. Do you need me to send you back now? "

Frank was worried that something bad would happen to her if he let her she left like this that Bruce would came to him.

"No, thanks. I want to be alone for a while." Now Louisa just wanted to be alone, so she refused Frank's proposal without hesitation.

Hearing that, Frank nodded and didn't stop her. After he saw that Louisa left, he saw that Ella was standing there and looking at him with an injured face.

Frank felt a pain in his heart, but he did not ask himself why. But on second thought, Ella should have given up all hope. So he just simply nodded to Ella and went to Bruce's room.

After Frank left, the tears of Ella fell down suddenly. She didn't expect that Frank would be so gentle to Louisa, but he wouldn't even look at her.

This time, after Ella returned to the country, she had tried to see Frank several times, but she was rejected by Frank with various reasons. Did he really like Louisa?

But as far as Ella knew, it was a misunderstanding between Louisa and Bruce.

As long as Louisa knew the truth and then drove Justina away, Louisa would definitely be with Bruce. If that was the case, would Frank come back to her? Thinking of this, there was firmness flashed in the eyes of Ella.

She walked towards Bruce's ward without hesitation. When she pushed the door open, she saw Bruce lying on the ground. Ella sighed helplessly and asked the doctor to bind up Bruce's wound again.

When Bruce woke up, he looked at the woman standing by his bed and found that it was no other than Ella. He looked very disappointed. Looking at Bruce's disappointed look, Ella smiled helplessly.

Then she said unhurriedly, "Louisa is really a magical woman. All of you men, including you, have lost you lives for her. I'm really curious. What's so good about this Louisa? "

Bruce had always regarded women as worthless. It was so strange that one day he would behave like this just for a woman. If Frank didn't intervene in, Ella might be in a mood to enjoy it, but now her happiness was about to fly away. She was not in the mood to watch the drama anymore, so she had to get involved.

"What are you doing here? I don't think there is anything to talk about between us. If you are here for Frank, you may have come to the wrong place. "

Bruce didn't answer Ella's question. He was not in the mood to listen to the irony of Ella. Louisa's good as long as he knew. He doesn't need to explain too much to those irrelevant people.

"Don't hurry to drive me away. You can decide whether to let me go or not after I finish my words

lina's ward, he saw her sitting there as if nothing had happened. Frank couldn't help but step back and check if he got into the wrong room.

"Hi, Frank, you are here." On the contrary, Alina looked at Frank calmly and put the last bit of the banana into his mouth. She felt much better after talking with Ella.

The most difficult thing in one's life is to let go of the will. Once you let go of the will, you will find that many things are different. Now she had thought positively. Everyone could live without everyone, so she decided to give up Rod.

"Alina, are you okay?" Frank looked at Alina in disbelief. Why was the scene different from what he had imagined? Had he missed something?

Seeing the shocked expression on Frank's face, Alina knew what Frank was thinking. So she explained with a smile, "Frank, do I look like that I am not ok?"

She had never been as happy as today, not as if there was something wrong. After hearing what Alina said, Frank shook his head in a daze. But in his mind, it was exactly because of this that something happened.

Frank wouldn't have been so worried if Alina had been crying. But now, Alina looked like normal, Frank worried about her, as she was his only sister.

"I know what you are thinking. But Frank, I'm really fine. As the lady of Mu family, I can have any man I want. Don't hang myself on a tree. What do you think? "

Alina was acting like this because she knew that Frank cared about her. Instead of getting angry, she explained to Frank with a smile.

"Are you really ready?" Frank didn't agree with her decision that she would be together with Rod either. The reason was that Rod had gone too far this time. So now, seeing that Alina had straightened out her thinking, Frank was really happy.

It was not until she looked at Frank did she realize how wrong she had been. 'It's inappropriate to make my family worry about me like this.'

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