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   Chapter 166 Cruel Truth

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9146

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"What are you talking about? I don't think you are awake. Now you have already had a child. If you are not married yet, how would you look like? "

Landon was the first one to come forward to refute Alina. How could she not know her daughter? Landon knew how much Alina cared about Rod, so Landon wanted to take this opportunity to let Alina to get married with Rod.

But who knew what was wrong with Alina today? She even refused Rod so abnormally. Landon didn't know what was on Alina's mind, but she wouldn't allow Alina to spoil this.

If they didn't get married, how would other people think of Alina.

"Mom, you go out first. Let me have a good talk with Alina. The rest of you can leave now. "

Just as Landon wanted to say something, Louisa held Bruce's arm and walked into the room. Landon of course would listen to Bruce. Looking at his serious look, Landon knew what had happened.

If not, why did Alina act so weird? But as Landon could totally trust Bruce, Landon didn't say anything. Then Landon turned around and left. The rest people followed Landon out as they saw that she had left.

Knowing what was on Bruce's mind, Louisa left as soon as he took his seat. After they all left, Alina asked Bruce slowly, "Bruce, is what you said true?"

Until now, Alina still couldn't believe that the man she had loved for so many years was fooling around with another woman while she was pregnant.

Bruce didn't have the heart to disappoint Alina when he saw the astonished look on her face. However, he had no choice but to let her know the truth sooner or later. Although it was a little bit painful to tell her the truth now, it was better than to let her continue to be used by Rod.

So Bruce nodded without thinking. When Alina saw Bruce nod, she closed her eyes in despair. She didn't expect it was true. How ironic it was.

"Alina, think from another angle. Isn't it a good thing? You'd better know what kind of person Rod is before you know it. Now there is still room for manoeuvre. If you know it after you get married, wouldn't it be more devastating? "

After all, Alina was his own sister. Although he had a fight with her before, he couldn't help comforting her when he saw her desperate face. Since Alina was a little girl, Mu family had treated her very well.

Alina had never received such an insult. At the thought of it, Bruce swore to himself that he must make Rod and Justina pay for it.

"I know. Bruce, you can go out first. I just want to be alone for a while. I'm fine. "

Bruce wondered if Alina had taken in his words. Now her heart was really in a mess, and she was already numb with pain. She just wanted to find a place to hide and heal herself.

Looking at Alina,

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa closed her eyes desperately. Bruce asked. Louisa wondered if she was really nothing to Bruce.

At the thought of this, Louisa asked Bruce, "so do you want to get my shares when you are with me, so that you can inherit the property smoothly?"

Hearing that, the expression on Bruce's face became a little strange. He seemed to be a little guilty and even dared not look at Louisa's eyes.

Looking at his reaction, Louisa felt desperate. But she still wanted Bruce to tell her personally.

Seeing that Louisa was so stubborn to ask for an answer, Bruce, who was not in a good mood, could not help but feel a little impatient. Somehow, he nodded.

When Bruce nodded his head, Louisa suddenly burst into laughter and said, "ah, it turns out that I hold such a special position in your heart. You are really an ass!"

Without waiting for Bruce's response, she opened the door and ran out. Bruce had planned to run after her, but he didn't do that because of his injury.

So he could only fall to the ground and watch Louisa run away.

After Louisa ran out of Bruce's ward, she didn't stop but ran out of the hospital. She ran into Frank, who happened to be on his way to the hospital when he heard that Alina was in hospital.

Frank lifted Louisa up from the ground and looked at her, who was still crying. Frank knew that something must have happened to her, otherwise she wouldn't have cried so sadly.

"Louisa. What's wrong with you? Why did you cry so sadly? You were fine yesterday, weren't you? "

She was fine when Frank left yesterday and she got along well with Bruce. Why did she cry suddenly and look so sad.

"I I don't want to talk about it now. " After hearing Frank's words, it took Louisa a long time to decide whether to tell him the truth or not.

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