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   Chapter 162 I Was Trapped

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9122

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At the sight of that, Rod squinted his eyes in a dangerous manner. 'As expected, Justina was ill intentioned. But now he had to keep her under control. When he figured out a way to get rid of her, he wouldn't have to deal with her in this way anymore.'

With this thought in mind, Rod put on a smile and said to Justina, "I mean it can't be rushed. We need to think it through. Besides, as you said? You didn't meet those people yourself. So even if Bruce suspects you, he has no evidence to prove that you have anything to do with it. "

After hearing those words, Justina finally calmed down. She thought that what Rod said made sense. She was too anxious just now.

Now she calmed down and thought about it carefully. Bruce just suspected her now and had no evidence. So she couldn't panic.

On one side, Rod was comforting Justina; on the other side, Bruce had woken up early. Looking at the little woman in his arms, his heart was full of happiness. He had never had such a good sleep since Louisa left Mu family's villa.

Only holding Louisa that he could sleep so soundly. It seemed that he fell in love with Louisa, but he was willing to drive all his life.

As if by telepathy, Louisa opened her eyes and saw the large handsome face of Bruce in front of her.

"Ah!" Louisa couldn't help but scream and sat up at once. She pointed at Bruce with her trembling hands and stammered, "what are you doing?"

Bruce looked at Louisa helplessly. What a beautiful morning and atmosphere. He had thought to kiss her in the morning, but he didn't expect her reaction. He didn't know what to say.

"What do you think?" He was in such a situation, what else could he do.

"How could I know what you want to do?" Louisa was just in a coma. When she woke up, she suddenly saw Bruce's handsome face, so she had such a reaction.

Now hearing what Bruce said, Louisa remembered what happened yesterday. So she was lack of confidence when she said this.

"Well, now that you have remembered. Shouldn't you say something to me? You scared me just now. Don't you want to say something? "

Bruce made a request. He didn't get what he wanted and he wouldn't give up so easily?

"Then what do you want?" It was her fault. She shouldn't have been so fussy. If she remembered correctly, she might be too excited and had slapped Bruce.

"How about we call it off after you kiss me?" Looking at the upset look on Louisa's face, Bruce knew it was a good chance for him to make a compromise to her by taking advantage of her guilty heart.

"No way!" So without any hesitation, Louisa refused. She knew that Bruce couldn't utter decent language. He always thought of such a foul thing.

Looking at the angry look

he couldn't hide her smile on her face.

Because she could feel that Bruce treated her differently. So could she be so narcissistic that she thought that Bruce liked her in fact.

Just before Louisa could figure out, Rod suddenly appeared behind her and said to her, "here you are. What a coincidence to meet you here."

Before Louisa turned around, she saw that it was Rod. "What a coincidence! I didn't expect to meet you here," said Louisa cheerfully

Louisa didn't expect to meet Rod here. In fact, she just walked out of Bruce's ward.

On the one hand, it was so embarrassing for them to be together; on the other hand, Louisa wanted to buy breakfast for Bruce because she knew that Bruce couldn't bear the breakfast made by hospital.

But she didn't expect to meet Rod at the entrance of the hospital. The hospital was not a good place, so she asked, "what are you doing here?"

'Is it because his family is sick that he came to the hospital in the early morning. Otherwise, what would he do in the hospital at such an early hour?'

"My friend is in hospital here. I want to see him before going to work. I didn't expect to meet you here. By the way, why are you here? "

Rod pretended to knew nothing and asked Louisa Rod acted as if he knew nothing. Of course, Louisa had no doubt about that.

"In fact, there is nothing serious. Bruce was injured, so I stay here to look after him."

As a matter of fact, Louisa didn't want to tell the truth to Rod. It was not that she didn't believe in Rod. It was a long story.

Now that Bruce was still hungry, she didn't need to waste her time anymore.

There was a gleam shining across Rod's eyes. Rod thought that the reason why Louisa didn't want to tell him was that Louisa didn't trust him. As a result, the face of Rod's really darkened.

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