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   Chapter 161 Sweet Moment

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Otherwise, how could Alina run out crying? She was an arrogant woman. If they hadn't quarreled with each other, how could she run out in tears.

"It's just a kid's bad temper. She will be fine in a few days. Why do you come back so soon? " Hearing that, Bruce adjusted his mood and explained to Louisa coldly.

To be honest, he didn't mean to hide this from Louisa. He just didn't want to make Louisa sad.

After all, Justina was Louisa's younger sister. A kind person like Louisa certainly didn't want to see Justina sad. Now he didn't know what to do, so he decided to hide it from her.

"But she seems very sad. You are a man, why do you still be so serious with a girl? You are really not a gentleman."

Louisa murmured. Her voice was not loud, but it happened to be heard by Bruce. So, Bruce found it both funny and annoying after he heard what Louisa said.

He didn't know what to say with this woman. He was avenging her, but she said he was not a gentleman on the contrary.

However, Bruce just smiled without saying anything. In the evening, Louisa stayed to take care of Bruce, who was very rude to her.

"What do you want?" Louisa looked at Bruce and asked impatiently. Ever since Bruce woke up, he had tried every means. If it weren't for the fact that Bruce was really hurt, then every one in the room would think that he was deliberately giving Louisa a hard time.

After hearing that, Bruce innocently looked at her and said, "I can't sleep with you looking at me like this."

In fact, he could not sleep because he had slept a lot this afternoon. Of course, Bruce said that on purpose. Otherwise, he would not pretend to be innocent.

"Then what do you want? I won't look at you, okay. I'll sleep on the sofa tonight. You can call me if you need anything. "

Not knowing what to do, Louisa looked at Bruce with a sigh. She found that Bruce had a lot of affairs to deal with. But no matter how impatient Louisa was, she still took good care of Bruce patiently. Bruce got hurt because of Louisa and Bran. It made Louisa very guilty.

Therefore, as long as she could meet Bruce's need, she would definitely try her best. However, after hearing this, Bruce was not happy. It was not easy for him to find an excuse now? How could he let Louisa sleep on the sofa?

If Louisa really went to sleep on the sofa, all his efforts would be in vain. Then Bruce teased, "how can I let a lady sleep on the sofa? How about you sleep in the bed and I sleep in the sofa? "

With these words, Bruce really got out of bed and wanted to lie down on the sofa. Louisa looked at Bruce nervously and shouted, "what are you doing? Don't you forget what the doctor said? "

It would be troublesome if the wound was touched. That was why Louisa was so nervous.

"Don't worry. Trust me. It's not

s, and that was the main reason why she failed.

"What is it?" After hearing the words of Rod, Justina was stunned and asked. She also wanted to know why she would fail. She had planned everything so carefully. Why did she still fail.

"You are too full of yourself that you don't know who you are. That's why you fail."

Seeing the curious look on Justina's face, Rod laughed ironically. This woman was so stupid. He only said a few words and she did it.

Now that Bruce was in hospital and Louisa stayed there to look after him, the couple must have a closer relationship. Only a stupid woman like Justina would do such sort of hard and thankless thing.

"You?" After listening to the words of Rod, Justina was angry. This man had gone too far. How could he say that? They were partners in any case. What's worse, when she was in trouble, Rod didn't help her at all, but added insult to injury.

Looking at the furious look on Justina's face, Rod said slowly, "don't be so excited. I'm not gonna refuse to help you. The top priority now is to keep calm. If you panic yourself, even if Bruce haven't found out anything, you will be exposed first. "

Looking at the way that Justina behaved, Rod thought disdainfully. A woman is a woman. Sure enough, she could not stand the test. She messed up with such a trifle. No wonder Bruce didn't like her. If it were him, he would not like such a woman.

"What do you mean?" After hearing Rod's words, Justina looked at him with doubt. After going through so many things, she didn't believe in Rod anymore.

It was said that couples were birds of the same feather, and they would fly when the disaster came. They were not even husband and wife. If there was really something wrong, it seemed that this Rod could not be counted on.

Justina thought she had covered it well, but she was still under close watch of Rod.

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