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   Chapter 160 The Truth

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Of course, Louisa didn't know what was on Bruce's mind now. Her brain was totally in a mess. There was no way to think at all, she could only look at Bruce innocently.

"Haha, you look much cuter now. I really want to eat you up in one bite. But it doesn't matter. We still have time. We can take our time. "

Bruce was amused to see that Louisa was in a daze. He couldn't help but swallow Louisa in one gulp. She was so cute.

With a helpless look on Louisa's face, Louisa looked at Bruce and said, "can you get up first? Can you have a talk with me?"

He was getting more and more rogue, and was good at doing such thing. When they met for the first time, Bruce looked so cold, which made her doubt whether those rumors were true.

"All right, all right. I was just kidding. You've taken it seriously. Even if I set my mind on it, I'm afraid I can't keep my promise. But... "

Bruce stood up and wanted to speak but stopped on a second thought. It seemed there was something important to tell her, but he had to consider it.

"But what?" As expected, Louisa didn't disappoint Bruce. She asked as he wanted to speak but stopped on a second thought.

A sly smile appeared on Bruce's face after he heard that. He glimpsed at Louisa and said in a faint smile, "if you want me to do what you want, I can give it to you at least."

After hearing what Bruce said, Louisa didn't know whether she thought too much or what. Thinking of that, Louisa's face flushed red.

She pushed Bruce away at once and scolded with a red face, "bastard."

It was not terrible to be a hooligan. What was terrible was that the hooligan was well-educated. If she hadn't heard it with her own ears, she really couldn't believe that this Bruce could say such words.

Hearing that, Bruce said with a smile, "I will only play rascal to you."

Louisa looked at Bruce helplessly and didn't know how to deal with him. Force was not a match for him, neither was her IQ, and even was not a match for shameless.

It was fortunate that at this time, Bruce's phone rang and interrupted their conversation. Otherwise, Louisa would have let Bruce get a lot of profit. Bruce took a look at the caller ID on his phone and then said to Louisa, "I want to have some fruit. Can you go out and buy some for me?"

Upon hearing what Bruce said, Louisa was sure that it was him who sent her away. Louisa must feel a little uncomfortable. But still, she turned around and left obediently. 'It's no big deal. He just want to answer a phone call?

Is he worried about her eavesdropping?' She didn't even want to listen to it. Thinking of this, she turned around and left angrily.

Seeing that Louisa leave here, Bruce sighed helplessly while answering the phone.

"Hey, what's up?" If it was not because he worried that Louisa would know the truth, he would not send Louisa away. Judging

s pregnant.

What should he do now? Should he tell them the truth about Rod and Justina without thinking about Alina?

"I said I was pregnant. What's wrong with you, Bruce?" Looking at Bruce's face, Alina asked carefully. Bruce looked very strange right now. There must be something wrong.

"How could you be so shameless? You are not even married yet, but you are pregnant. What are you talking about?"

Bruce was so furious that Alina even didn't see through Rod clearly. How could she hand herself to Rod.

Alina was pregnant now. If others knew about it, how would they gossip about Mu family.

However, after hearing what Bruce had said, even though Alina didn't take it seriously, she still said, "it doesn't matter. Rod is my fiance. We are going to get married sooner or later. We are living in a society of equal social status now and others will not say anything about it. "

There were many people who would take the air tickets after getting on the bus. She wondered why Bruce was so overreacted. Alina had planned to ask Bruce to help her to persuade her mother, but now it seemed that he reacted more strongly than Landon did.

When Bruce heard that Alina didn't care at all, Bruce said coldly, "are you a girl or not? How can you say such shameless words. Since you don't think it's a big deal, why do you come to me now? Why don't you just go home and tell mom? "

Now that Alina was pregnant, his plan would be in a total mess. How could he not be angry? He really didn't know what Alina thought.

"Forget it. Why are you so angry? I'm going back to my mom. I don't need your help. "

Irritated by Bruce' words, Alina ran out crying. Before Louisa reached the door, she saw Alina crying and running out. Louisa came in with confusion and saw Bruce sitting there with a pale face.

"What's the matter with you? You don't look good? Why did Alina come here? Did you fight? "

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