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   Chapter 159 Warmth

Until You By Mu Yu Characters: 9965

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Looking at Louisa's embarrassed look, Bruce couldn't help laughing.

'I really don't know how she has lived in these years. Now she is a six-year-old boy's mother. How could she be so easy to be shy?'.

Hearing Bruce's laughter, Louisa became angry from embarrassment. She furiously stared at Bruce and said, "Why are you laughing? Was it really so funny? Don't you want to eat anything? "

She was kind enough to cook for this man, and this man now laughed at her. It was so unreasonable. If he really made her angry, she would not cook for him and would like to see what he would eat tonight.

Hearing that, Bruce said jokingly, "Okay, okay. I won't laugh anymore. I am still a patient. How can you not give me food? "

Although he said so, there was no trace of regret on Bruce's face. However, Louisa was very satisfied with Bruce's attitude. She gave him a playful look and then turned to continue to work.

Bruce leaned against the door frame and watched Louisa busy in the kitchen. This kind of feeling was really wonderful, and he really wanted to keep this kind of feeling forever.

Bruce was shocked. He never thought that one day he would have such an idea.

But this feeling was not bad. Instead, he felt a little yearning for it. It seemed that he was really trapped, and there was no medicine to save him. But if the target was Louisa, he would be willing to look at himself deeper.

Before Louisa turned around, she saw Bruce leaning against the door frame and looking at her with a faint smile. Louisa's face flushed red immediately. She wondered how long Bruce had been here looking at her.

"What are you doing here? Go back to your room and lie down. Have you forgotten what the doctor said? "

Louisa glared at Bruce with burning, reproachful eyes. She didn't understand why a man had such a good mood. He just ran out and got injured for them. She wondered what he was thinking since he was still so happy.

Looking at Louisa who was in a rage, Bruce went to the hospital's bed and laughed, "yes, yes, I will listen to whatever you say. But I don't think it's necessary for me to go back bed and lie on the bed. Don't we need to have dinner? "

With these words, Bruce still took a faint look at the rice in the hands of Louisa. Well, at least the rice was cooked this time. It was much better than before so he couldn't ask for too much.

After hearing what Bruce said, Louisa choked. But when she noticed Bruce's stare, she followed his gaze and saw the rice in her hand. Didn't she just want to ask Bruce to have dinner? However, she couldn't even find where she was with his eyes on her.

"Well, sit down. Dinner will be ready soon." But Louisa knew that it was not the right time to discuss this problem with Bruce, because if she continued to struggle with it, she would be humiliated in the end.

Hearing that, Bruce knew that the fight was about to break out. So instead of continuing to tease her, he turned around a

ook for. Besides, it's just a dinner. what a mean man! But Bran is not a man at all. What's wrong with Bruce?' Louisa thought.

On thinking of this, Louisa looked as if she didn't want to talk to Bruce and said, "I really don't know what to say to you. Bran is not a man at all. Are you out of your mind or something? "

Hearing that, Bruce didn't get angry. On the contrary, he smiled and said, "in my mind, male does matter. Bran is not a man, but at least he is a male. That's not okay. "

Even though Bran was the son of Louisa, Bruce sometimes couldn't help but feel jealous of him. He was jealous that Bran could make Louisa trust hhim so much, and that they had experienced so much together.

At the thought of this, Bruce felt that he was really mad, because he was jealous of a child. But ever since he met Louisa, he had been abnormal.

"Forget it. It's none of your business." In fact, Louisa knew that if Bruce became unreasonable, no matter what she said, she would not win in the argument with Bruce. So after she said this, she simply stopped.

Hearing that, Bruce gave Louisa a hard pull to pull her over. Bruce spared no efforts to bring Louisa closed to him as she happened to be next to him.

Louisa was caught off guard by Bruce and dragged into his arms. In the beginning, she was really frightened. After she recovered, she asked Bruce with a red face, "what... What do you want?"

She was too nervous to speak smoothly. Looking at Louisa, Bruce smiled and said, "of course I want you to know that whether I'm qualified to take care of you or not."

This woman had been challenging his patience all the time. She said clearly that she wanted to distance him. From the moment they met, did she really think she could get away with him?

Bruce would never let go of anyone he had a crush on. So that Louisa was only Bruce' girl. Thinking of this, Bruce squinted his eyes and threatened. He would kill anyone who dared to take Louisa away from him.

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