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   Chapter 158 Bruce Was A Rogue

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Not long after they left, Louisa came back with a bag. The moment she opened the door and Bruce saw who it was, a big smile appeared on his face.

But his smile froze when he saw the man behind Louisa.

Frank looked at Bruce with a big smile. It was the first time that he had seen Frank laughing so heartily. But just now, the look on Bruce's face was really funny.

When Bruce came to his senses, he asked Frank, who was behind Louisa, with a cold face, "Why are you here?"

Did Frank have time to do this? Frank came for Justina just now, and now Frank came for him again.

"I come here to see if you are dead or not. But judging from your appearance, it seems that you are not seriously injured."

Frank didn't get angry. How could Frank not know what kind of person Bruce was. If it was not for the fact that Louisa had been here, Frank had no doubt that Bruce would get up to fight with him now.

"I'm sorry to let you down. I'm still alive." Bruce replied with a smile. Perhaps only Ken and Frank dared to talk to him like that.

To Bruce surprise, however, after such a big event, Bruce didn't get any information from Ken. He wondered why Ken didn't receive any information. Just when Bruce felt strange, Frank said something that made him want to spit blood.

Hearing what Bruce said, Frank turned around with a big smile on his face, and said to Louisa, "look at me. He's actually fine. So Bruce doesn't need you to stay here and look after him. So I'd better send you back. If we don't go back today, and Bran is at home alone, aren't you worried about him? "

Hearing what Frank said, Bruce really wanted to die. It turned out that Frank was waiting for him here. No wonder he laughed so happily just now.

At the thought of this, Bruce immediately covered his wound and fell on the bed. He cried in pain, "ouch, ouch, it hurts. It hurts! "

After hearing what Frank said, Louisa who was looking at Bruce with doubt came. When she heard Bruce's voice, she nervously walked up to Bruce and asked, "how are you feeling? Are you okay? How about I call a doctor for you? "

On thinking of what the doctor had said before Louisa left, Louisa felt very guilty for her suspicion of Bruce just now. The doctor had said that Bruce was badly injured. How could she doubt him just because of some words of Frank.

Looking at the man lying on the bed, Frank was half laughing. Frank didn't know that the usual composed and reliable man would do such a thing. If other people saw the terrible look of Bruce, they might be surprised.

Upon hearing that, Bruce looked at Louisa who looked very nervous. Though Bruce knew that his plan was successful, he didn't stop. Instead, he grasped Louisa's hand tightly and said breathlessly, "I'm fine. You can go back to be with Bran. I'm worried about Bran because he is at home alone. "


nd that Bruce was becoming more and more shameless. How could he say such things so frankly. After that, she went into the kitchen with her stuff, because Bruce was in a VIP ward.

So it had everything in it. She wanted to make some food for Bruce before she got here. Although she was not good at cooking, it was a little token of her regard.

"Hahaha." Bruce laughed behind Louisa. She really didn't know what was so funny about this. But thinking about that, she couldn't help smiling.

Half an hour later, Louisa frowned and looked at the rice in the electric cook. She couldn't understand why. It was what Bran did. But why she couldn't do it.

"What's wrong with you? You frowned. People who don't know you might think you have a deep hatred with it. "

Just before Louisa was about to call Bran, Bruce spoke behind her back. The sudden voice startled Louisa so much that she almost threw the spoon out of her hand.

After realizing what had happened, Louisa turned around angrily and said to Bruce, "why did you come in? Didn't the doctor tell you to have a good rest? Why don't you have a good rest but come to the kitchen? "

Was he a ghost? He walked silently. She was really scared to death just now. But now Louisa was furious from embarrassment. She felt so bad to let Bruce see her like this.

Bruce still leaned against the door and looked at Louisa who looked very angry. Bruce looked at the cut of the pot with a half smile and teased, "if I hadn't come in, I wouldn't know that someone was cooking and didn't have to insert the power. What about? Is the dinner ready? "

Hearing what Bruce said, Louisa looked at the direction Bruce was looking at in astonishment. As expected, the fork didn't work and Louisa's face went red.

It was a shameful mistake. How could she make such a stupid mistake.

No wonder she couldn't find out what the problem was. The power was dead.

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